With all the buzz around Valentine’s Day, there is pressure on how to make it extra special for your significant other. Your gift can range from a romantic handwritten card to a piece of jewellery from Baunat. Whatever you decide on, your present and wishes will show your feelings of love and gratitude.

If your partner is a food lover, you can surprise with breakfast or arrange a special Valentine’s Day dinner. Here are some more ideas on how you can make your day memorable.

Create a Romantic Playlist:

You can bring back good memories by listening together to songs that you both love. Make some extra effort to create a playlist on a streaming service and put together their favourite songs.

Songs tend to convey your true feelings that are otherwise hard to say in words. With the music, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner at your place and enjoy a peaceful time.

Go for a Trip

If you cannot make a trip outside your country, why not explore a place in your town that you have never seen. Take this opportunity and check off a journey from the bucket list.

Go carefree for a day and spend your day taking pictures and eating delicious snacks. If your partner loves adventure, make a visit to an amusement park or simply go for a thrilling drive.

Spend a Relaxing day

If you and your partner are homebodies, spend the day at home and play your favourite board games. Bring back the spark in your relationship by reminiscing on how you two fell in love.

Take time and cook a meal at home or simply bake a cake together. Spending time in the kitchen can help you bond over simple things. Binge-watch shows that you have been putting off due to your busy routines.

Write a Love Letter

Even if writing a love letter seems old-fashioned, its impact on your love is immense. You can write about why your partner is so unique and convey all your deep emotions. Now that is romantic!

Tell them why you fell in love in the first place and how they make you feel. Activities like this will help you appreciate and realise small things in your love life.

Buy a Heartfelt Gift

Valentine’s Day is not all about gifts, but it feels empty without one. You can buy an item your partner has wanted to purchase and make the present more meaningful by attaching a card with a heartfelt written note.

If you have been planning a marriage proposal, why not make it happen on Valentine’s Day to make it even more memorable. For this, you can purchase Diamond engagement rings for both of you that complement each other.

Go for a Bike Ride

Planning a bike ride is the best idea for spending quality time together when you love to exercise. If the weather is pleasant, then the idea is cherry on the top. You can discover a new ice cream parlour or a good restaurant when you ride around an area.

Other physical activities you can go for includes yoga, rock climbing, or doing dance cardio. The time you spend together doing fun activities will make your bond even more substantial.

Play Video Games

Almost everyone had played their favourite video games when they were young, and couples tend to feel closer when they share nostalgic memories. Take out your video game player and play your ultimate favourites like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can discover a new entertaining side of your partner when you play games together. Play with a bet when competing and make the loser cook a meal or do anything you want.