Navigating university and eventually graduating is never an easy feat, especially amid a global pandemic. After nearly two years of online learning and self-teaching, you definitely deserve a lovely gift to celebrate all of your efforts. Whether a family member is wondering what to get you or you fancy rewarding yourself, there is a great selection of gifts out there to suit you.


Whether you are into sparkling earrings or luxury bracelets, jewellery is a great keepsake gift that you can treasure forever. It is something that you can wear every day and look at to remind yourself of what it represents. Your achievement of obtaining a degree is greatly valuable and you deserve an equally valuable present to match.


What screams celebration more than a bottle of bubbly? You might take it one step further and get a personalised bottle that you can cherish even after the drink is long gone. Similarly, you could be gifted the bottle in a wooden engraved box to make it especially treasurable.

A Sweet Bouquet

Flowers are great but nothing compares to a bouquet filled with chocolate and goodies. Some shops will allow you to customise what treats your bouquet is comprised of so it can be completely tailored to your taste.

A Graduation Cake

Wherever you are, there will be local bakers that will be happy to make a personalised graduation cake. It might be personalised with a message or represent the subject that you studied at university.


If you do not consider yourself to be a sweet tooth, you might appreciate the more traditional bouquet of flowers. The bouquet might be hand-selected from the local florist or ordered online then the flowers are delivered straight to your door. Either way, flowers are a timeless way to say congratulations.

A Celebration Pen

A beautiful pen is another great keepsake gift to say congratulations. Like the champagne, you might get it engraved and personalised to really make it your own.

A Graduation-themed Candle

Another wonderful keepsake gift is a personalised jar candle that you can treasure forever and reflect on your achievement when you find yourself lighting it.

A Planner

It cannot be denied that the transition from the world of uni to the world of work is not seamless. A planner might help you navigate your new adventure of a graduate job or a new house. This is another gift that can be easily personalised to suit you.

A Graduation Teddy

Perhaps the cutest mode of congratulation is a graduation teddy. It is likely that your university will have graduation teddies in the Union shop so that your teddy is wearing the appropriate gown. If not, there are plenty of online retailers that supply graduation teddies.

A Graduation Themed Mug

It is likely that in your newfound world of work you will be drinking more tea and coffee than you ever did before. A new mug is a great gift to accommodate this lifestyle change and you might also get it personalised to prevent any of your other colleagues from stealing your mug away.


Hopefully, this gift guide will take some of the stress out of post-graduation life by giving you and your loved ones some ideas of how to reward and congratulate you. Everyone should have something to help them celebrate such an immense achievement, especially under such trying circumstances. Whether big or small, any keepsake representing this time in your life is very special and is something you will reflect o or treasure forever. Finally, congratulations on your graduation, and best of luck for the future!