Technology is continually evolving and developing. The technology you were obsessed with last year may be obsolete today. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and individuals alike have seen a significant shift towards digitisation and virtual reality. And this, my friend, is here to stay!

People and organisations across the globe are already accustomed to new business models that heavily rely on digital tools. This includes a new way of working, shopping online, communicating, commuting, and more. So it’s no surprise that people are now more open to cloud computing, AI, and other modern technologies. In-fact a lot of reputed institutes have started offering valuable certification programmes like Artificial Intelligence certification, even Machine learning courses are taught in practical format.

So, what is the next big thing we can expect to see in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

Virtualisation and Digitisation

With the rise of remote working, virtual tools have risen to meet the new needs of organisations and employees. Video conferencing has grown exponentially in popularity during the pandemic as this was the only to stay connected with colleagues and clients. The advancement in this sector has allowed employees to work from anywhere, all over the world.

With digital tools like Slab, Figma, Bluescape, you can now easily collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and hold virtual meetings. Some companies have even provided VR headsets to their employees for a completely virtual experience. So, expect nothing less than a digital-ready office space in the coming years.


Just like Blockchain, cryptocurrencies have become the hottest trend in recent years. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are widely being believed to be the future of payments. The appeal of cryptocurrency has always been its decentralised nature and the sense of control it gives consumers.

However, crypto is still widely regarded as volatile and unstable, so you can’t expect traditional currency to go anywhere anytime soon. Digital currency is the future, and crypto has already garnered a great deal of attention from investors. In spite of their popularity and benefits in store, cryptocurrencies may take longer to be widely accepted as the mode of payment in the future.

Smart Home Technology Trends

We have already seen the emergence of automated vehicles, and now is the time for innovative home technology. AI and IoT have made it possible for brands to come up with technology that has made home automation a reality.

The world’s biggest brands including Apple, Amazon, and Google are all set to introduce smart hubs and home assistants for the complete transformation of your home. Some products, such Amazon Alexa have already become incredibly popular. This shift towards internet-enabled smart home devices is set to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Wearable Devices

The use of wearable devices has also risen to prominence thanks to their intelligent technology and ease of use. Most of these devices are integrated with fitness apps that make it easy for users to monitor their health on a daily basis.

Medical wearables like fitness bands and sensors will continue to flood the market in the coming years. Other wearable devices such as smart clothing, smart hearables, biosensors, and more will become a notable trend in 2022.

5G Infrastructure Network

In this fast-paced world, the demand for high-speed internet is increasing more than ever. The emergence of smart homes, distance learning, and virtual businesses have led to the adoption of 5G and 6g technology across many industries.

Many countries, including the US and China, have already devised plans to build infrastructure to support new 5G technology. This next-generation network will likely supersede 4G in the coming years and will greatly support IoT-enabled devices like drones.

Rise of AI

By 2022, the demand for AI and robotics will be tremendous. Most of the devices we carry or use in our day-to-day life are powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms. The implementation of AI across industry verticals has already been significantly supported by innovative technologies.

From self-driving cars to digital assistants, AI platforms are going to rule in the future. With its presence in almost every industry, you can expect AI-powered solutions to be a massive trend next year.


More and more people are developing a desire for sustainable living and reducing their carbon footprint. This shift has led industries to invest more in renewable energy and strive to become carbon neutral.

Electric scooters and bicycles have become the trend as an alternative to public and personal transportation. Many companies such as Lime, Skip, Mobike have achieved micro-mobility and this market is expected to grow in the future. Tesla has also introduced solar roofs and panels, marking a breakthrough in the solar energy business.

Wrapping Up

Technology is continuously evolving, advancing, and progressing, and it’s vital to keep pace with this rapid transformation. The pandemic has changed the course of many people’s lives as well as businesses, and technology has adapted accordingly.