As the party season approaches, you may want to start shopping for new make-up using a Boots student discount or a Superdrug student discount card. Getting ready is an event itself so let’s go all out this year and get ready as we have never before!

Grab Some Glitter

Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer.  Shimmer is a must-have make-up item for party season.  Why not put a new touch on your regular glitzy eye by using glitter? It’s advisable to buy a glitter primer to guarantee that your dazzling appearance lasts through the night. Apply this primer to your lids and generously apply your glitter or scatter the glitter across your eyes. Those disco-eyes will draw some attention. Remember, the option is yours; you may use any glitter colour you like for that tinselled eyed effect.

A Smoky Eye

You may go for a traditional grey and black smokey eye. This is a classic party style that adds a bit of drama which anyone can pull off with a couple of dark tones and some kohl. However, if you want to elevate your look, consider using a coloured pigment. You might use a warm deep green or an electric blue. It’s up to you whether you put it all over your lid and lash line and dark on top with varying shades of your chosen colour at the border and rim of your eyes. You may incorporate a shimmer or lighter pigment of the colour you want to catch the light on top, the centre of the lid, and the corner of your eyes.

Frame You Eyes With A Graphic Liner

If you want something more subtle yet still noticeable, use a coloured graphic liner. Trace the top of your lashes and proceed to the ducts, making a slight v around the inner corners for a more subtle look. If you want to add additional oomph, draw a line on your crease, at the corner of your eye and wing it out on the edge of your eye.

Ice Queen

If you want a delicate party appearance, apply grey and silver glitter all over your eyes. Then, to enhance dimension to the eyes, brush a neutral bone colour across the top lid just on the eye bone. You could even elevate the loom with a swipe of a white liner in the inner and outer corners of the eye. This look is perfect for an ice queen when paired with a neutral lip.

Boots Student Discount |Superdrug Student Discount | Makeup Ideas For The Holiday SeasonWarm Colours

Why not liven up your daily looks with some bright colours.  Remember that the party season doesn’t have to mean metallic makeup.  A sweep of plum, Christmas spiced colours, berry tones, and fuchsia will boost your festive look.

Jewel Tones

Why not combine purple and blue eyeshadow? The colours match each other nicely on the eye. Jewel tones are ideal for experimenting with during the party season.

Wear A Bold Lip

If you’re all about the lips, try a red lip. There are several possibilities for red lips. You may opt for a rich, vamp-like cranberry lip or a blood orange lip. It’s your decision! Remember that different shades of red suit different skin tones, so go shopping to pick the ideal red lipstick for you.

Use An All Over Glow

As previously said, shine and glitter are essential for the party and holiday season. So, why not apply a highlighter to the high points of your face, your collarbones, or even a sparkly moisturiser or body glow to complement your holiday looks? It may also provide dimension and energy to the face and body when the weather is chilly and drab. Some people glow in oils or perfume, which is wonderful for the party season since it works as a two-in-one, so check out your local cosmetic stores to see what body glow or shimmers are appropriate for you.

Make Use Of A Boots Student Discount Or Superdrug Student Discount

Boots Student Discount |Superdrug Student Discount | Makeup Ideas For The Holiday Season

Boots Student Discount And Superdrug Student Discount

When shopping for new cosmetics for the holiday season, make sure to take advantage of the Boots student discount and Superdrug student discount deals. For eligible students, these stores typically offer a 10 to 15% discount. The end of the year brings back plenty of deals, so keep an eye out for any sales that these cosmetic brands run to get your holiday looks at a discount.

So, pair these party makeup looks with some traditional autumn-winter attire and you’ll be ready to attend those holiday parties and gatherings.