So, you’ve settled into university. It might be difficult to find your first student home. You may be moving in with prior flatmates, coursemates, or people with whom you have never lived. During this time, you may meet a variety of landlords. Student housing might be expensive depending on the area you pick, so do your research. This post will assist you in finding your first student home and dealing with any issues that may arise.

When Should I Start Looking For my First Student Home?

It might be tough to look for your first student house or student accommodation. To reduce stress, you should start looking for your future house before January. This is a perfect time to start exploring just before you leave for your holiday break. This will give you the best opportunity of finding the correct house for you and not be left with limited options in the future. When looking for accommodation, keep in mind that there will be competition, and many other students may desire the same place as you so try to act fast.

Find The Group You Will Share Your Student Home With

If you became friends with your first-year housemates, you may want to live with them again. Make sure you confirm the number of individuals you will be living with and stick to it; otherwise, securing student accommodation may be difficult if people may drop in and out.

If you pick someone you haven’t lived with previously, such as coursemates, pals from clubs and societies, or people you don’t know, make sure you meet them beforehand. This might happen over dinner, at your union, or a café. This will allow you to get to know one other and get acquainted with each other before deciding to move in together. It will also assist you in getting ideas for the type of house you desire as well as the type of budget you may want to stick to. If you can’t find a whole group of people to live with, look online, which you may do through Facebook groups.

Check Facebook Groups

Student housing can be found through university Facebook groups. Students will share images of the house they will be leaving or the open spaces in that house that they will need to fill in the coming year. You can personally message the individual who submitted the post if you need further information about the house, bills, or landlords. If you haven’t already, Facebook groups and Messenger are excellent places to look for individuals to live with. There will be many individuals seeking housing and other people to live with, so having a genuine browser on Facebook may be beneficial in the long term.

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Browse Student Accommodation On Rightmove And Zoopla

To discover student housing, use apartment finder apps and websites such as OnTheMarket, Rightmove, and Zoopla. There should be a rent option to click on each site, and then you may reduce your search region using the website’s filter. Remember houses get taken up quickly so if you view one online it could be gone that same day so make sure to inquire by calling or emailing.

Go To Your Local Estate Agent

If your university is in a major city or a town that is largely populated by students, finding housing may be tough. But don’t be concerned; there will always be a way. Local estate agents can help students discover student housing quickly and efficiently. Your estate agent will handle the burden of finding student housing for you. They will be able to narrow down your search and tell you exactly what is available. They will take you to visit any houses you have requested to view and show you similar ones so you can quickly choose your preferred property.

Watch Out For Pesky Landlords

Remember to ask questions of the students who are living in the residence at the time of the viewing. Ask them specifically about the landlord/landlords to see if there is anything they don’t like about them or if there is something wrong with the house. This will be useful while selecting your student accommodation.

Ps… As difficult as it may be, you and your pals will find a place to live but be patient. And if your initial plans fall through, the perfect student home may be just around the corner. So, best of luck with your home search!