One of the more integral parts of your time at Uni, besides your studies and social life, is the time you spend in your room. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s a big thing to have a personal space to call your own. Especially if you’ve lived at home for most of your life. That’s why taking care of it and making it your own can be so important. A lot of that has to do with student room decoration and organization. No one can predict how your first year or following years at Uni will turn out. Hopefully, with these student décor ideas, you can feel more at ease at making your student room your own personal space and help contribute to a more healthy and productive Uni-going experience:

Feeling overwhelmed? Organise your Student Room!

It’s a familiar feeling to many a student attending Uni for the first time or returning from before. You finally haul all of your belongings up to your room and begin to unpack. Everything goes in its proper place and many others get into storage. A few days or a week may go by, yet you still may not feel settled in yet. As I personally can attest, weeks went by before I started to feel like my student room was a second home. While much of that can be attributed to homesickness, organizing and decorating your space can really curb those feelings.

After all, studies have shown that organization and decoration can contribute towards a more positive mindset. ‘Settling in’ can mean more than just getting used to your surroundings. It can mean getting your surroundings more in tune with you! It doesn’t have to be anything too over-the-top either. Something as simple as adding storage boxes and binders to your student room’s desk goes a long way. For instance, making my room’s desk look more like a professional office layout with stationary and storage helped me tons. It’s cheesy, but doing it that way helped to get me out of the anxious ‘homebody’ mindset I was in. It instantly made me feel a lot more grown up and like I belonged there. Thus, simple things as that can have major psychological benefits.

Student Décor Ideas for a Better Student Room Decoration!

Besides the practicality of organization, you may just want to make your student room look nicer. Again, don’t feel you need to break the bank to make this happen. Lamps, photos, plants and nicer bedding are all fairly cheap and simple student décor ideas to spice up your accommodation. Bare in mind though, that you may have to check with management before doing this. Some may have regulations about decorations. Regardless though, student room decoration is an absolutely essential part of student dorm life.

Don’t just rely on Amazon for all of your student décor ideas and purchases though! It’s a great opportunity to support your local businesses in and around the Uni area! You may be getting to know them a lot more over the three or more years you spend there after all! So, over the weekend, with all work out the way, why not go on a shopping spree. Whether you come back with a haul or not, it’s a great opportunity to get a feel for the place you’ll be spending most of your time in.

Even if you don’t have many local shops in the area, or you’re more comfortable shopping online, there are many ways to achieve the same outcome. Etsy, for instance, is the perfect place to source your student room decoration. Since everything on Etsy is handmade and much of it personal to whoever makes or buys it, you essentially get the same result. The selection on Etsy is a lot more varied and unique than on Amazon also, so you can truly wow whoever visits you.

After all, making your student room a space that’s unique and personal to you will only help contribute to a better Uni experience, from your first time to your last time there.