Being a student involves a lot of hard work; in between heading to classes, studying, taking exams, and completing coursework, most need to take up jobs to help them scrape by. Due to the limited hours, you’ll have available to work, it can be hard thinking about which jobs are the right fit. That’s why we’ve put together a list below of the best jobs for students right now.

Best Jobs For Students

Online Remote Work

Over the last few years, the demand for online remote work has boomed. More companies than ever before need help, and these online remote jobs are perfect for students as most do not have set hours, meaning you can fit this work around your schedule. Online remote work also encompasses plenty of different jobs, including content writing, translating, video editing, graphic design, and so much more. There’s an abundance of work available, and if you have the relevant skills and experience, these jobs are a great way of making some money.


A student tradition is working in the hospitality industry while studying. In fact, most students work in bars, cinemas, restaurants or coffee bars, most of which have varying open hours, so you can always find shifts that work around your education schedule. These jobs are customer-facing, so you’ll meet some interesting people, and in our experience, you’ll most likely make some great friends too. It’s also worth looking into jobs at casinos in your city. Other than their online counterparts, brick-and-mortar venues usually have bars and restaurants, and they require croupiers and general staff too. Since they’re open all night or until quite late, they’re perfect for anyone that is studying.


Like hospitality, the retail sector is a popular choice for students. Although the jobs don’t pay much and aren’t usually very good, they will provide you with some money that will allow you to get by. Most students take up weekend jobs and then sign-up for overtime whenever they have some free time to increase their earnings. These customer-facing jobs aren’t luxurious, but they will provide you with some great experience. Finally, since there are so many shops available across the nation, you shouldn’t run into any trouble finding a shop that needs staff!


Another popular job type for students is tutoring. If you specialise or are particularly good in a subject, it may be a good idea to think about tutoring others in education, whether they’re the same age or are younger. These jobs may be a little harder to acquire and will be less stable than the others we’ve mentioned here, but they may pay more. You’ll have to work on promoting yourself and getting your name out there to earn a living via tutoring, but social media should be able to help with that. There’s also online tutoring, which has become popular in recent years and may be somewhat easier to get.

There are plenty of jobs available for students, and thanks to the internet, the opportunities are limitless. Just make sure that whichever job you do take up doesn’t interfere with your studying and gives you enough free time to relax too, because that’s just as important as completing your education.