Your student union offers a variety of services. We’ve curated a list of activities you can do at your student union during your academic experience, such as purchasing university merchandise, renewing your student ID card, going out for drinks… the possibilities are endless. Everyone can find something to do.

Try Out New Foods

Your union may have a variety of restaurants, cafés, or food shops. Why not try them out and make the most of them, as they will most likely be less expensive than chain stores in your student city or town. This will help you save money on those meals out with friends!

Get Your Student ID Card

You most likely still have your student ID from when you first began university during freshers. If you misplace your student ID card, go to your student union to get it replaced. All you have to do is take another picture within your student union or upload a picture online, and you can pick up your student ID there.

Purchase University Merch

Visit your student union and purchase university merchandise!  Hoodies, T-shirts, and jackets are commonly available in most stores. They may also sell accessories such as key chains, water bottles, and flasks. It’s a terrific opportunity to support your union while also acquiring some long-lasting mementos for your time at university.

Run For Student Union Elections

Keep an eye out for elections that are running at your student union. You can run in these elections by registering as a candidate. You must create a manifesto and advertise yourself online to your university classmates. This is a fantastic opportunity to become involved in your student union and make the most of your university experience.

Go For Drinks

Go out for drinks with your friends, housemates, flatmates, or coursemates if your student union has a tavern or a bar. Because it is centrally located for all students, it is a perfect venue to have some pleasant beverages with your peers.

Enjoy Freshers Activities

A variety of fairs will be held at the student union. The most popular is the Freshers Fair and the Freshers Sports Fair, which will be held at the beginning of the year, although there will be many more hosted throughout the year. Attending these fairs is a great opportunity to become engaged in campus life, get freebies, and meet new people.

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Go For A Study Date

Why not go to your student union for a study session or a date with your university friends? There should be areas for you to sit, chat and study together.

Get A Part-Time Job

Look for part-time employment at your student union. You may do this directly by visiting the store or café in your local union, or you can look online for campus jobs at your university to see if there are any opportunities. A job here is perfect since it is close by and readily commutable for you. The hours are flexible so you can work around your studies, and you will be able to meet and engage with other university students.

So, make use of your student union while you can!