Studying at university can be extremely challenging. There is a lot of ideas about how to do it well, but this article has broken down some of the easiest and most effective. Check out these studying tips for when you are in university.

Studying hard? Schedule rest breaks!

If you are under pressure with your studies, take breaks. Do not study for more than two hours without taking a break of fifteen minutes or so. This is because fatigue can impair memory and concentration.

It’s important to have something you enjoy doing lined up and ready to go for these moments of rest. For example, if you’re into online gambling and casino games, you might want to spend your time on a website like Or, you could find a great book that you love. The point is to have something that you enjoy to help you relax.

Take time to plan out your semester

The first day of university is the best time to sit down with all your course materials and go through your semester schedule. This is an opportunity to ensure that you’re maximising your time and figuring out what you can do throughout the year.

Try the Pomodoro method

The Pomodoro method is a great way to break down your studying into smaller, more manageable chunks. Set yourself up with a timer for twenty-five minutes and work without stopping or zoning out. Then take a five-minute break, go walk around the block or grab some water. Repeat four times over!

Organise your materials

It’s very helpful to keep your books, notes, laptop, notepad, pens, and pencils together in one place. This way, there is no confusion about where all of this material is when you need it. A backpack or some boxes would be great for this so that everything is kept nicely in one spot!

Work with a partner

Studying with a partner can be great. When you work with someone else, it is easy to bounce ideas off of each other and learn together. This will give you a better grasp of the subject and also improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Write it down!

If there is something you need to remember for your studies, write it down. Good notes are key to your success in university and the basis of everything else that follows. Jot things down as they come up, don’t wait until you think you might forget them. Your memory is more active when you are writing something down, and then you can rest easy that it’s in black and white.

Find a quiet space

It is important to have a quiet space in the university where you can study without distraction. This is because your subconscious mind needs time to digest and work through the information you give it, but if there are distractions, this will not happen well. When you find a nice quiet zone, keep it for yourself or let others know that they can find you there if they are looking for you. This way, it won’t become the space that everyone uses to study or hang out in if it is not intended for that purpose!