Preparing for the future is a part of the Uni experience. Part of that means you need to be secure. For that, student insurance is necessary.

For those unaware, you may not know everything about student insurance. Research states that only 11% of 18-25 year olds have an understanding of contents insurance and what is covered. That may be due to a lack of awareness. However students should be secure at all times. This extends to your belongings. For first-year and returning students moving in to Uni halls, you’ll be hauling a lot of valuable belongings with you. In these cases, student contents insurance and student gadget insurance are valuable. This is where providers like Endsleigh can help.

No one can predict how your uni year(s) will go. When you pack and unpack for the next year(s) at Uni, it really pays to be better safe than sorry.

Thus, here’s a simple guide to student insurance:

The Basics of Student Insurance

Before you start digging deep, the most basic option you should cover is contents insurance. This is basically your ‘piece of mind’ option. It covers most, if not all, of your possessions. However, there are some important caveats. Usually, contents insurance only covers your possessions when they are inside your dorm or your house. Once those possessions leave and potentially get damaged, your contents insurance may not be able to cover it.

Thankfully though, most Uni halls across the country actually already cover student contents insurance. This will have been included in your accommodation pricing. However, the contents insurance that your Uni halls offers is usually an even more basic version. For instance, it may not cover all of your possessions. It may only cover certain kinds of items. It may also have additional conditions behind where and when your possessions are covered.

What About Student Gadget Insurance?

Now, to truly ensure that all of your possessions are covered, additional insurance quotes may be required. For instance, student gadget insurance is an absolute essential for most. Under these, laptops, phones and other devices are being covered. These devices are generally not covered in contents insurance. Thus, you may need to look elsewhere. Namely, you’ll need it in addition to the basic contents insurance that your Uni halls may provide.

However, that may be a good thing, even if they are covered by the basics. Gadget insurance can allow your devices to be covered even when they are out of your residence. Laptops and phones for instance are insured wherever you may take them, in or out of campus. Thus, if you’re worried about breaking or just losing your devices, student gadget insurance will be a lifesaver.

Student Insurance Providers Such As Cover4Insurance and Endsleigh

Student insurance, and especially student gadget insurance costs will vary between providers. It will also of course vary depending on the items being covered. Now, while you can go for the more general insurance providers, it’s best to use one more geared to students – a great company to consider is Endsleigh Insurance who are endorsed by the National Union of Students. Especially so if, like me, you’re easily overwhelmed and confused by the prospect of insurance. You can also check out providers such as Cover4Insurance, who are currently offering one policy to cover everything you take to Uni such as your phone, laptop, guitar and pedal cycle. You can also get 10% off student contents insurance with them, but be quick as the offer expires at the end of the year!