For new and returning students to Uni, buying student kitchen essentials can be a hassle. Depending on your individual habits and tastes, you may not need to purchase the same supplies as everyone else. That’s why buying yourself a student kitchen set can be no easy task sometimes. Luckily, we’re here to help:

Here are four student kitchen essentials to bring to Uni:

Noah’s Box – Student Kitchen Set

Already overwhelmed by the amount of utensils and cutlery that you have to buy? Worry no longer, thanks to Noah’s Box. As a service that provides ‘starter kits’ of essential items for your home, they also cover university kitchen supplies. Now you can invest in your entire student kitchen set in one purchase, instead of having to buy individual items or many items in bulk. The service breaks the items into four tiers, ranging from ‘essential’ to ‘luxury’. Taking the first tier into account, ‘essential’ goes for £89 and gives you at least one or two of every kitchen item you could possibly need. Quite the bargain when you considering buying individual pieces could total in the hundreds. If you’re looking for an easy purchase, you can do no wrong with Noah’s Box.

Noah’s Box ‘Essential Kitchen Set’ available here for £89.

5-in-1 Tower Grater

You would be surprised at how much use you can get out of a cheese grater at University. Especially when said grater comes with a vegetable slicer. Even if you’re unsure whether you’ll be needing one, the convenience and peace of mind that comes with purchasing a multi-sided tower grater can save you a lot of headache and hassle at Uni. Not just for yourself, but your flatmates also. For £33, a 5-in-1 tower grater should be considered a part of your student kitchen essentials, even if just for peace of mind.

5-in-1 Tower Grater available on Amazon for £33.

50 Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Starter Set

Despite the Noah’s Box student kitchen set covering most of the essential items you’ll need to decorate your dorm kitchen, a little extra doesn’t hurt. Thankfully, you can get a 50-piece starter set that covers nearly everything and more, including measuring jugs and storage containers. You can get it either as a compliment to your other purchases or by just getting this one, you can pretty much cover all of your bases at a relatively low price considering what this comes with.

50 Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Starter Set at Argos for £50

Subscription to Gousto

By far the biggest hassle and time sink when it comes to uni life is buying your essential food supplies. Figuring out what you’re gonna be eating on any given day and going out to get the necessary ingredients can sometimes feel frustrating. Thankfully, there are ways to get around that these days with significantly less stress. Gousto is a subscription-based recipe box service that provides you with ingredients for cooking food items of your choosing. However, instead of having to pay monthly, you only need to pay for Gousto whenever you feel you need it. That way, you’re not burning money unnecessarily on something you might not use that often.

Gousto boxes range from £25 to £35.