As a university student, you may discover that your student loan is insufficient to support your living expenses. Finding a student job might help you start earning a consistent and steady income. There are several ways to get a job. To get a good start on your job hunt, try searching for find student jobs near me on Google. Check out your campus’ student union shop and search for student union jobs. Make sure you go through the requirements – some jobs may require a DBS check that you can easily do with an online provider like uCheck. This post will guide you in securing your student job.

Write A Clear CV

Writing a concise CV will benefit your job search. Maintain a copy of your CV on your PC. Save your CV as a PDF so it will be ready to be submitted online when necessary. Remember to print off your CV and take it to shops in your local area.

Make Sure Your Details Are Updated

Make certain that the information you submit to potential employers is always up to date. Avoid typos in your NI number, address, and contact information, such as your phone number and email address, as this information will be used by recruiters to contact you about interviews.

Hand In Your CV To Local Shops

It could be useful to hand out your printed CV to local businesses. When you do this, ask for the manager’s name and request that the staff deliver your CV to them directly so that your CV is not ignored. This is a way of actively seeking employment.

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Student Jobs Near Me

Search The Web For Find Student Jobs Near Me

You may begin your job search by typing ‘student jobs near me’ into Google. You may also look for a job that is a good fit for you on websites like:


Student Job




After searching  ‘student jobs near me’ and you find a job that interests you, make sure to submit a tailored cover letter. This will set you apart from other applicants and show that you are enthusiastic about the job that you are applying for.

Here are some examples of student-friendly jobs:

Student Union Jobs

Look for career opportunities in your local student union. Student union jobs are ideal for students since they are in your student area on your campus, making them easily commutable. The Student union jobs that your university will promote will allow you to work around your studies as the hours will be flexible. This is also a great way to meet and interact with other university students. So, check your university’s website to check if any jobs are being advertised in your student union.

Work At Your Student Union Shop

Your student union shop needs your help! Apply to work in your student union shop since the hours will most likely be flexible and it will be a simple job to commute to. Getting a job is as easy as signing up to your student union jobs website or mailing list. Working at your student union shop will help you meet other people at your university too.

Student Brand Ambassador

In this position, you will be responsible for promoting a company’s brand and products. You’ll be the brand’s face, taking different measures to sell the company’s products, such as supporting it on social media or handing out freebies on campus.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a fun and easy way to make money in your spare time. You may earn up to £17 per hour if you know how to search online for local dogs who require walking.


In your spare time, use your academic talents to tutor high school or even primary school children. This is a way to brush up on your basic knowledge while also earning money on the side. This may be done both online and in person. Tutoring is a completely flexible job, making it an excellent choice for a busy university student. Why not start your tutoring career by visiting

Bar Work

Part-time bartending may be a good option for you if you need some extra money and have a few hours a week to spare. Even if you have no prior experience, bartending is a straightforward job that is popular among students.


Why not work at your local coffee shop? There will be lots of coffee shops in your student area, so be sure to hand in your CV. With training, you should be able to quickly learn how to make beverages and serve customers. The hours are also convenient, making this job ideal for students.


The retail business is constantly in need of workers. It is best to apply to that offers temporary work with flexible hours or an agency like Catapult or Coople Jobs. Apply for student jobs here as you can work shifts that suit your needs or fit in with your academics and responsibilities. You will be required to work a certain amount of hours. If they are insufficient, make sure to request overtime from your store manager, especially during busy seasons such as the holiday and sales season.


Being a babysitter is an excellent part-time and flexible job that you can work around your other obligations and studies. As a babysitter, you are highly paid, and it looks great on your CV, especially if you want to work with children in the future. Remember that this job requires a DBS check, so acquire one before you begin your hunt. Why not check at to get started in your babysitting career?

Events Promoter

Look for opportunities to promote student events in your student town or city. You must be a motivated individual since you will be pitching, budgeting, negotiating, organising, booking, and hiring all while managing your university studies and commitments. It is rewarding but enjoyable work.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some direction and ideas for applying for student jobs!