Universities have a responsibility to help students with their mental health. Student support, student welfare, and student services are some of the services that universities provide to help students with their mental health. As a student, you should take advantage of these services since they may make a significant difference in your day-to-day life. There is also the option of joining societies that might help with your mental health. Here, you can chat directly to your peers about any of your concerns you may have and discuss mental health openly with other people.

How Student Services Deal With Mental Health

How we feel emotionally and socially is our mental health. If you suspect you require immediate mental health support, please get it as soon as possible. You may get assistance from your university’s services in a variety of ways. Each department at your university should have a student services help desk where you may get assistance. They will direct you to one of the following options:

Student Support

Your university’s support services will give tools to help you with your day-to-day well-being and discover answers to frequent questions. You can contact the student support service via phone, email, or in-person meeting with a student adviser. They can assist you with any personal problems you may be experiencing, whether it be your mental health, financial issues, being overburdened with work and issues with your living situation such as tension with flatmates or housemates. So be sure to make use of the student support service since they are always available whenever you need them, so don’t be hesitant to seek out assistance if you do require it.

Student Support | Student Welfare | Student Services | What Universities Can Do To Help Student's Mental HealthStudent Welfare

At your university, a student welfare team is available at all times, similar to your student support service. Student support and student welfare services are essentially the same things; however, if your problem is severe or worsening, student support will refer you to student welfare. In most circumstances, welfare is for serious problems that the University must deal with as soon as possible. Student welfare services are available to meet students’ personal, social, and educational needs. They safeguard students in a safe and caring atmosphere to ensure that they study in a healthy and fun environment. Get assistance from your university’s student welfare services by contacting, emailing, or visiting a student welfare adviser in person after scheduling an appointment, or you may be referred to a student welfare advisor.

Peer-Led Societies

Why not lead or join a mental health society if you want to make a difference at your institution or discuss mental health awareness? At university, there isn’t enough discussion about mental health. Be a part of the change and a community devoted to reducing the stigma associated with mental health on campus!

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If you require emergency assistance:

  • Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to receive counselling.
  • Contact the Samaritans at 116 123 at any time of day or night for immediate assistance.
  • If you are unable to do this task on your own, enlist the help of someone else.