University life can be rewarding and fun. However, it’s just as important to make sure you take care of your wellbeing.

Thanks to the social and online age we live in, achieving this is now incredibly easy and accessible! There are countless methods and programs out there to help you keep a healthy mind and a healthy body. After all, student wellbeing is an essential part of student life. From mental exercises to student planner notebooks and much more, there are so many ways you can take care of your student wellbeing, starting right now. With that being said, here are:

Three easy ways you can improve your student wellbeing from today:

1. Student Planner

This one is easy to use, easy to remember and even easier to invest in. Uni life can be filled with dates and books to remember, lecture notes to take and schedules to keep. Trying to balance all of this without additional help can be a real nightmare. The simplest solution is to get yourself a student planner. While you can of course just use a regular notepad and pen, there’s a specific type of student planner that can help. These are filled with checklists for homework and assignments, as well as a yearly planner to keep track of. No more will you need to be carrying sheets of paper in a bag, or have folders upon folders of files on your laptop. With this, all of that can be consolidated in one place.

Student Planner available on Amazon for <£10.

2. Yoga and Meditation

This one might already seem silly to some of you, but the scientific benefits of yoga and meditation are proven. They have both been shown to actively reduce stress, lengthen your attention span and to keep control of anxiety. Those are three key areas that put student wellbeing at risk. However, disciplining yourself to get some yoga and meditation in every now and then means you’re eliminating all three from your life. But, how does one get started with yoga and meditation. Well, there are many websites and programs to help you along the way., for instance, provides hundreds of yoga and meditation classes, many of them free, for first-timers. With this, you can work on your student wellbeing piece by piece every single day.

3. Hang out with Friends Every Week

This one seems like an absolute no-brainer, however the positive effects of hanging out with friends is still understated. When you make plans to meet up and have fun together, usually, you spend the rest of the day excitedly waiting for it to happen. Your day goes by easier, and you’re able to deal with the potential stress of the day a lot better. This is purely because you have something to look forward to after all. But, what if that was the case every week? Indeed, even something as simple as making plans to spend the day or night together every single week at a specific day or time with friends can have huge benefits. With noted increases in self-confidence and decreases in stress, taking time to socialise every now and then is just as important as keeping your nose to the grindstone.

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