Travelling around London may be costly, so we’ve compiled a list of tips for navigating about the capital city efficiently. Get a student travel card or a student Oyster card sent to your door to help you save money and minimise travel costs daily!

Student Oyster Card | Student Travel Card | How To Travel Around London

Student Oyster Card For Bus Travel

Get A Student Oyster Card To Save Money On Tube, DLR, Bus And Overground

If you are 18 or older, a student, and live in a London borough, you can use an Oyster Photocard to save money on your journeys. You will save up to 30% on the Adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.  You may apply online by clicking here!

Keep in mind… when your course ends, your 18+ Student Oyster Photocard expires. Your school, college, or university will notify TFL if you are no longer qualified or if the end date of your course has changed. Your Photocard benefits will then end.


If you are in a hurry, you can take a taxi around London. There is the traditional taxi as well as private rental cars known as minicabs such as Addison Lee and local cab businesses. There has recently been a surge in the number of new taxi services, such as Uber, Ola, and Lyft. All of this is accomplished through the use of phone apps. Some individuals may prefer these apps since they allow you to get a cab quickly and without having to plan ahead of time. You can also earn discount codes and credits to help save on your journey.

Student Oyster Card | Student Travel Card | How To Travel Around LondonUse A Boris Bike

The cost of renting a Santander Cycle is £2 for unlimited travel of up to 30 minutes. If your journey lasts more than 30 minutes, you will have to pay £2 for every extra 30 minutes. If you do not return the cycle within 24 hours, you will be charged. Simply download the Santander Cycles app or go to any docking station terminal with your bank card and touch the screen to get started. When you’re through with your journey, return it to a docking station.

Use A Student Travel Card

If your route requires you to travel on public transport that is outside of London’s central zones, you may need to obtain a student travel card. The 16 to 25 Railcard is an example of this. This Railcard gives you one-third off train fares. When you make your purchase you have the choice of receiving it in digital or physical form. It just costs £30 each year or £70 for three years. More information about Railcards may be found here!

So, as a student, take advantage of these travel options!