Train travel may be costly. Why not get a student railcard, a student train pass, or look for a student train discount to help you save money on your travel expenses? This post will explain these options as well as give some more suggestions for saving money when travelling.

Look For Student Train Discounts

Before you go out on your journey, browse online for student rail discounts. This will allow you to save a significant amount of money on your train ride.

Here are some options:

Purchase A Student Railcard

Purchase a student Railcard to save money on travel. Invest in the 16 to 25 Railcard, which will save you up to a third on Trainline travel throughout the UK and Europe. You may also use a Student railcard during peak travel periods, which will significantly reduce your expenditure. This might be a physical Railcard or a more handy digital Railcard. You may purchase a one year card for £30 or a three-year Railcard for £70, which saves you £20 each year. Simply present a valid student ID or personal identification, submit a photo of yourself, and sign in to your Trainline app to save a third on all ticket purchases. You easily purchase this card online.

Get A Student Train Pass

There are other Student train pass options up for grabs. Greater Anglia offers discounts for all ages to 18- to 19-year-olds enrolled in full-time study and they offer this online. They are eligible for up to 50% off adult rates and season tickets for any period or academic year. Keep in mind that this only applies to places within Greater Anglia. There are two zones to travel in, and you may acquire a travel pass for each term or annually. If you cannot pay the fee upfront there is an option of making direct monthly payments. Have a look at their website to sign up and purchase.

Why not try the Two Together Railcard.  This student train pass costs £30 and is valid for a year. This permits you and another person to travel over the national rail network together. This Railcard can help you save up to one-third on rail travel. It is suitable for university students since it is ideal for friends, couples, and flatmates.

Student Railcard | Student Train Pass | Student Train Discount | How To Save Money When Getting The Train Travel Off-Peak

Travelling off-peak is a good way to save money when travelling. Prices are higher on weekends and during peak hours, which are generally just before 9 a.m. and just after 5 p.m. You should avoid these periods. Travelling off-peak means a quieter and more comfortable journey. If you must travel at peak times, please be sure to book a seat or arrive at your platform sooner. This ensures that you can set down your bags and sit for the duration of the journey. If you can, aim to travel on a Sunday if you’re returning to university because these tickets are generally significantly cheaper than other tickets during the week. When booking, browse online and make sure you select an off-peak or super off-peak option.

Book In Advance

Travelling across the United Kingdom may be expensive, especially if you purchase your ticket too late. To save money when travelling, attempt to plan at least a week in advance. Booking ahead of time is referred to as purchasing advance tickets. Advance tickets are usually  on sale at least 12 weeks before your departure date. Every train company offers advance tickets with their deadlines, so do your research and find out what the time is it conditions for each ticket are.

Compare Prices From Train Companies

Various ticket websites may charge different costs for the same route. As a result, you should always perform some price comparisons before purchasing to ensure that you’re receiving the greatest deal available.

Here are some options:

The Trainline

National Rail

My Trainpal

Order On The App

Train ticket prices may be compared using the mobile app and online. Depending on the day of purchase, you may be able to save money by using either the app or the website.

The Trainline app offers a feature called SplitSave which can help you save money on your journey. Split saving indicates that your ticket is split into two, which might be cheaper than buying a single ticket if you’re travelling a long distance. It implies you split your ticket into numerous tickets rather than purchasing a single ticket; in most circumstances, you won’t even have to change trains. If your voyage has no changes at the start, there will be no changes. If you use split saving, you may still reserve a seat.

So, apply these money-saving strategies to save money when travelling as a student!