Christmas is around the corner and with so many gifts to buy, you may be stuck for what to get the gamer friends and family in your life. Fear not, for Student Pocket Guide has your back with just some of the best Christmas gifts for gamers! Whether your budget’s big or small, and no matter what age, these gifts are sure to make someone’s year.

From stocking-fillers to big presents, here are some of the best Christmas gifts for gamers in your life:

1. Nintendo Switch Lite | Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers

Looking for a great holiday gift that won’t break the bank? You can do no wrong with a Nintendo Switch Lite. The Lite is Nintendo’s budget version of the standard Switch, however that doesn’t make it any less powerful or fun. The Switch Lite comes with all the ingrained bells and whistles as the regular version, however with a few caveats. The biggest is that it’s purely a portable version, meaning it cannot be hooked up to your TV. For myself and many others, that made this version a must-have purchase. If someone in your life is an avid gamer, why not gift them with the latest and best Nintendo console. Their most powerful and fun device yet, and all entirely in the palm of your hands. For a premium gaming experience that you can take on the go with you, it cannot be beaten.

2. Video Game Artbooks | Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers

What’s your friend/family member’s favourite game? If you know it, chances are there’s an artbook out there about it. As an underrated and understated gift for any gamer, artbooks give you keen insight into your favourite game(s). Whether you’re interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of gaming or not, seeing how it all came together can truly be fascinating. There’s no better time than Christmas to receive a big, hefty book to sift through. For the gamers you know, having an artbook of their favourite game in their possession will mean the world to them.

3. PS4/Xbox/Switch Subscriptions | Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers

For an easy, stress-free and appreciated purchase to any gamer, you can do no wrong with a subscription. Specifically a subscription to their chosen platform’s online service. These days, like Netflix and most other online services, subscription fees are aplenty. They can often be a hassle, especially if you forget to renew them. Even if they are renewed, you can never be sure you’ll be able to keep affording them. Thus, taking care of it for them, whether its a month up to a year, is invaluable. To basically be insured another month or more of online gaming without any hassle on their part is a life-saver.

4. Gaming Chair | Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers

One particularly nasty affliction that comes with hours upon hours of gaming is bad posture. If you don’t own a comfortable chair when you’re gaming, it can be hard to concentrate. Luckily, many companies are ahead of the curve on this front and offer specially-designed chairs. Built to promote better posture when gaming, they often also come with a few bells and whistles. Built in speakers, vibration functions and Bluetooth functionality are just some of the few. If you want the gamer in your life to enjoy themselves and keep healthy, a gaming chair is a great step towards that.

5. Controller Charging Stations | Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers

This is a rather simple gift that instantly solves a two of the most tedious gaming problems at once. Since gaming, especially across multiple consoles and devices, can often involve a lot of controllers and a lot more wires, it can get pretty hectic pretty quick. As a health hazard and an annoyance, it’s a problem that should be solved quickly. Luckily, investing in a controller charging station solves both problems at once. Keeping their controllers in a nice secure place while charging them up, thus negating the need for as many wires as they may have trailing on the floor. Their sanity, and them, will certainly thank you for it in the long-run.

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