In the UK, your two biggest premium choices for streaming are Netflix or Now TV. But, which is the best value streaming service of the two?

Since streaming has invading our homes and taking over TV, there’s been an overabundance of choice. Everything from Amazon Prime to Disney Plus and of course Netflix. However, there is one choice of service that I believe holds much more value for your money than most others – Now TV. It’s perhaps better known as Sky’s answer to Netflix. Previously existing as a subscription television package, Sky now exists amongst the streaming titans through Now TV. They’ve streamlined their costs and widened their reach so that everyone can experience their programming through streaming. But does it compete with Netflix? Which is the best value streaming service between Netflix or Now TV?

Here are my thoughts:

Netflix or Now TV – Best Value Streaming Service

Though there are several key differences between the two, both Netflix and Now TV offer television and movie content for their most basic packages. In terms of the actual content and programming on display though, this is where the strengths of both services lie. However, the notable distinctions are that Netflix has a more expansive and diverse library, whereas Now TV focuses on quality over quantity. Not to say that Now’s content isn’t great, but Netflix focuses its efforts more on original programming. Therefore, shows like Stranger Things and Tiger King are unique to the Netflix platform. As for Now TV, what they lack in originality, they make up for in exclusivity. Game of Thrones for instance, can only be found on there, thanks to a deal with HBO.

This turns out to be an advantage that Now TV may have over Netflix however. Since HBO’s creative output is more consistently critically and commercially praised, Now gets the better-received shows. For Netflix on the other hand; while it does still put out great content, there’s much more over-saturation. Dozens of brand new shows hit the platform every week with varying levels of quality. While there will of course be some gems in their line-up, you get a more gradual and deliberate rollout of quality shows from Now.

That being said, as of right now, Netflix does have a major advantage on the pricing front. Now is divided into an ‘entertainment + movies’ package as well as an additional ‘sports’ package on top of that. Netflix on the other hand is merely priced according to the video quality you want. And yet, with this, I do believe Netflix has Now TV beat. Netflix’s highest-costing package is almost half the price of the basic Now TV package.

Netflix or Now TV – The Verdict

Overall, I really think that Netflix wins out over Now here. True, not being able to have access to amazing shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld is a shame. However, for what you get out of your investment into each service is more positively weighted on Netflix’s side. The price is far more reasonable, and the content is a lot more varied. It may not always be ‘nothing but the hits’ in terms of originals, but there’s enough TV and film available to you on Netflix to keep you going until the next batch of releases. For these reasons, I believe Netflix reigns supreme and undefeated in the streaming world.

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