According to recent reports, Cardiff is in the midst of a housing crisis. Thousands of people, as well as students from Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University, are waiting for rentals and social accommodation in the capital city. The housing demand is growing. This post will provide a brief overview of the present housing market in Wales’ capital city and what you can do to try to locate accommodation right now.

The Growing City

In the city, three universities educate about 43,000 students each year. According to the Office for National Statistics, 24 per cent of the city’s population is between the ages of 20 and 29. Another 19 per cent is between 30 and 44. An influx of young people migrating to the capital city to study adds to the pressure on the city’s booming and stressed housing market. Many students have reported lengthy waiting lists for a flat, home, or house share.

When Do Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University Students Begin Looking for Housing?

Students typically start looking for shared housing in the city around October. International students and first-year students often begin looking for halls of residence in January. Don’t worry, if you keep researching and calling agents, we’re confident you’ll be able to discover a home at any time of year.

Need Help Finding Accommodation?

Students typically use websites such as On The Market and Rightmove to find a house. If you’re looking for a new house or need some advice, check out these websites, which may help you find a property in Wales’ capital city more quickly.

Cardiff University has written a short post about everything you need to know about finding private accommodation. Visit their website to learn more.

If you’re seeking a contemporary house close to campus with all expenses included, consider Student Cribs. Be quick because they don’t have many places to let.

Cardiff University | Cardiff Metropolitan University | Student Housing

Cardiff University | Cardiff Metropolitan University Home Hunt

Accommodation For Students will compile a list of every available student housing in your area. You may choose price criteria, the number of bedrooms, and the kind of building in which you wish to live. It couldn’t be simpler; it takes the task off your hands.

Look at Uni Homes if you’re interested in accommodation where your bills are included in the price. Their mission is to take the stress out of student living. Gas, electricity, water, internet, and TV license are all included. In the same way as Accommodation For Students, you can filter the results based on your needs.

If you want a letting agency to show you all of the available properties in Cardiff then CPS Homes are the place for you. They take the stress off of finding a student a place to live. The company also provides residences with included utilities, making it easier to live in a property with others.


We hope this post has alleviated any concerns you may have about finding student housing in the capital city. We wish you luck in your home hunt and are certain that you will discover the perfect home for you!