Finding a trustworthy roommate is one of the most challenging aspects of entering college. Roommates spend a lot of time together between lectures, on weekends, early in the morning, and late at night. Finding a roommate that respects your space and routines may be tough, so selecting someone without first getting to know them might be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are some pointers for finding the ideal roommate for your student accommodation in London.

Determine what you are looking for

You must first identify what you want from your shared living situation before you can begin looking for a roommate. Some college students desire a new best friend who would accompany them to parties and movies. Others are simply looking for a roommate who will pay the rent and keep their distance. You could want to share your studio room in Bristol with someone who has your interests, or you might want to live with someone who has different hobbies so you can learn new things.

Cleaning habits that match

A tidy dorm or student apartment in Sheffield is immensely crucial to certain college students’ mental health. Others, on the other hand, don’t mind a little mess. Conflicts concerning the state of your student housing in Nottingham are likely to come up at any unexpected time if you and your roommate have expectations of cleanliness that are poles apart.

Well maintained communication

The secret mantra to a good and healthy relationship with your roommate is living with someone who communicates just as well as you. It is you and your roommate who will be responsible for keeping your apartment or dorm clean and stable; no one else will clean up after you or pay your rent.

To prevent unpleasant scenarios, live with someone who is open to talking about how to divide duties. Even if you have a good relationship with your roommate, don’t be scared to double-check facts. If your roommate claims to have paid the rent, double-check with your landlord.

Establish boundaries

When selecting a roommate, it is essential to pick someone who will respect your limits. Some first-year college students have never lived on their own before and will want to make the most of it by staying up all night.

Other students must stick to rigid academic timetables in order to succeed in their program. Whichever group it is that you belong to, make sure you talk about it before picking a roommate. You don’t want to keep your roommate up all night before an exam if you’re staying up late, and vice versa.

Consider asking your friends to be your roommate

Many individuals disagree on whether or not friends make good roommates. On the one hand, choosing a buddy as a roommate eliminates the risk of living with a stranger. However, it may have a damaging effect on your friendship.

Perhaps one of your acquaintances knows someone who is looking for a roommate. This is an excellent technique to meet someone who is a common friend rather than a total stranger. That way, when you two meet for the first time, you’ll already have something in common.

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