It may be tough to organise your bills, such as your student tv licence and find a gas and energy supplier. When doing your research, read the terms and conditions. If you’ve discovered the right pricing, signing up for an energy supplier is quite simple. This post will round up the best student energy deals available right now to help you save money on your house utility bills.

Some Bill Tips

Check Your Meter

You have a few alternatives for paying for your energy in student housing. Check to see what metre is on your student’s property:

With a Standard metre: Bills are your responsibility or the landlord pays the bills, and the cost is rolled into the rent, or even though the landlord’s name appears on the invoices, you are responsible for payment.

Prepayment metre: A metre you top up with a card or cash.

Meters such as prepayment metres are popular with landlords because they give some protection against energy debt, but they are not ideal for tenants because they are the most expensive way to pay for power. Whether you’ve recently moved into a home with a prepayment metre, it’s worth asking if you may switch to save money.

Read The Fine Print

When looking for the best student energy suppliers, make sure to read all of the fine print or double-check terms and conditions with the provider. Installation expenses or upfront fees to pay may come as a surprise, especially if you haven’t prepared for it. Before you sign anything, be sure you understand exactly how your contract or tariff works.

Watch Out For Cancelation Costs

If you cancel your contract before the minimum period, you will incur cancellation fees (typically 12 or 18 months). In the worst-case scenario, some providers will want you to pay the balance of the contract in full. It’s best to sign a contract for the entire year and begin your energy contract as soon as your housing contract begins. It will be completed on schedule, and your overall charge should be reduced.

Student TV Licence

A student TV licence is required if you live away from home, in halls of residence or shared housing. A single TV Licence covers all devices on your student property, including a television, computer, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. On the TV licencing website, you may purchase or renew a TV licence using a credit or debit card.

Best Student Energy Deals

The easiest way to find student energy deals at the best price is to browse the web. You may not be able to cut costs on water rates and student tv licence, but significant savings can be made by comparing deals on energy, broadband, smartphone, insurance, and TV subscriptions. When you start researching, make a checklist of what will be needed to suit your and your housemates’ needs and budget. If you can change your energy provider, consider the following options:

Student Energy Deals | Student TV Licence | Save Money On Energy Bills

Research The Best Student Energy Deals


Glide Student integrates utilities, internet, and your student tv licence into one monthly fee; it’s as simple as that. Glide makes it simple to share your expenses by automatically splitting the total amount evenly across all housemates/flatmates. Dependable dates and monthly bills, with no nasty surprises, are available on 6–12-month contracts to suit you. You may use their app to track your consumption and expenses. For more information on Glide Student and a free quote click here.


EDF is a traditional energy provider. They also provide a variety of low-cost, simple-to-manage energy tariffs and offers. The goal aims to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions while providing excellent electricity to its customers. You may acquire a price online by supplying your location, postcode, current energy supplier (ask your landlord or rental agency), and some property details such as the number of bedrooms.

Octopus Energy

If you wish to be on a fixed energy tariff, Octopus Energy is one of the lowest energy suppliers with fair and clear pricing. If you wish to switch in the future, there are no departure costs, which is wonderful for students. They provide smart tariffs, which save you the trouble of manually providing readings to your landlord or rental agency, but they also have the potential to save you a lot of money and make your energy bills more precise. They will also make you more aware of your energy use, which will reduce your carbon impact. Get a free quote here.

So do your research, sign up, and we hope you find the best energy deal for you!