There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning some extra money whilst you are studying at university. Of course, your university degree should be your main priority, but there are plenty of opportunities to make money without getting yourself a full-time job. This quick and easy to read guide will give you a few ways in which you can earn money. We have included mainly short-term ways but also a few longer-term commitments which may point you towards earning money whilst you continue your university studies.

Earning money online has never been easier, here are seven different ways you can potentially increase your bank balance by picking up some jobs or hobbies via the World Wide Web!


If you love playing video games, then creating your own Twitch account could be the perfect way for you to earn some extra cash in-between studying. Twitch involves streaming your video games live to whoever wants to tune into your stream! Of course, the best Twitch streamers entertain their viewers in numerous ways including offering give aways. However, if you have a somewhat extroverted personality and can offer entertainment to others, Twitch will be a fantastic option or you.

You can earn money on Twitch when other users subscribe to your profile. Once subscribed, users will pay $4.99 per month until they decide to end their subscription – Twitch can be extremely lucrative once you get a large following! Other ways in which you can earn money from Twitch is via viewer donations. Twitch is not necessarily the quickest way to earn money but if you enjoy playing computer games in your spare time anyway, then why not stream your gameplay and have the potential of getting paid to game.

Online Surveys

This is an old-fashioned way to make money online, but it is extremely easy if not a little time consuming. You can partake in online surveys to earn money. The surveys will simply require you to answer a number of straight froward questions. All you have to do is sign up and wait for a survey alert to land in your email inbox. Survey sites will then add either cash or other rewards to your account. Depending on how many surveys you complete, you can potentially earn £100s per year.

Please note, many online surveys will not give you cash, they are much more likely to reward you with vouchers. MoneySavingExpert offer some great guides on how to make money at online survey sites. Just remember, never pay to join or register an account and use a dedicated email address to sign up with or else your personal email will be flooded with survey requests!


Similar to Twitch, YouTube offers you the opportunity for you to create videos in order to generate money online. YouTube works in a similar way to Twitch too in that other YouTube users can ‘subscribe’ to your channel. Once subscribed, the users will receive a notification every time you upload a new video to your YouTube channel. It is free to subscribe to a YouTube channel, so you will not earn money that way. However, the more views your videos receive, the more money you will get through YouTube advertising. If you can offer advertisers thousands or hundreds of thousands of views per video, then they will pay you.

This is a long-term way to earn money online, So, if you do decide to open a YouTube account, it will likely take a lot of dedication and hard work.

Online Casino Bonuses

This is not always risk free, but some online casinos will offer you no deposit bonuses for registering with them. No deposit bonuses will allow you to play casino games without having deposited any of your own money. On the other hand, these bonuses are difficult to withdraw. The best way to earn money from playing at online casinos is by searching for what are known as wager free bonus spins. These will allow you to instantly withdraw any winnings associated with your bonus. SlotsHawk offers a comprehensive guide to UK slots and casino bonuses.

Please ensure that if you do decide to deposit any money into a casino account, that you do so with the knowledge that you are not guaranteed to win by any stretch of the imagination.

Affiliate Marketing

The second medium/long term solution to earning money online is through affiliate marketing. This involves being the metaphorical middleman between a customer and a goods or services provider. For example, the most well-known form of affiliate marketing is by sending customers to Amazon. If you are web-savvy, then you can create a website with the incentive of ranking the website in Google. One example would be to create a website which focusses on toys for babies and toddlers. You can create numerous articles highlighting the best toys for toddlers for example to try to rank your site number one on Google for the search term “best toys for toddlers.” On your page, you will then direct your traffic directly to Amazon where they can buy the toys for toddlers. If the customer then goes on to purchase such toys, you will receive a percentage of the profits.

Affiliate marketing is very broad but can earn you a lot of money over a long period of time. We advise you to do some research first though, but you can easily build a website in your spare time. We advise you to use WordPress which offers easy to use website creation and editing. More information on Amazon affiliate marketing here.


Blogging is another way to earn a small but passive income and is a relatively easy thing to set up yourself. You can blog about anything you like, but the best way to earn money from blogging is by using adverts on your site. The more readers you get on your blog, the more money you can earn. Again, this is not an overnight money-making scheme, and you should only create a blog if you are passionate about writing. Blogging may even help you get a job in the future, as it shows that you can create something and dedicate time and effort to making it as great as possible.

If you do decide to create a blog, you should write something that interests you, this way it will not become a chore to continue with.

Freelance Writing

Similar to blogging but freelance writing consists of writing for other online sites or newspapers. It goes without saying that to get paid for what you write, you need to be a good writer and have something interesting to talk about. If you are taking a journalism degree, then this option could be right up your street. However, even if you are not the best writer, you can still get your articles published if you are able to conduct an interview which is worthy of publishing. For example, you can get in touch with a football scout or coach and ask him/her questions about their role. You can then write up the interview and send it off to a variety of different sports news outlets and ask them if they would like to publish the interview.

It is extremely rewarding to see your own words published and it feels even better to get paid for it too.

If you are really struggling, there are plenty of credit card options available for students but be careful and be sure to read the small print. You can read up about the 9 best student cards with no credit.