Summer is such a magical time for students. School is finally over, the weather is just balmy, and you have infinite freedom to do whatever your heart desires. But if you want to do something productive on your summer break, consider taking up educational summer adventures. If you’re not sure what to do and where to go, check out this list below.

Teaching English 

If you want to travel somewhere far, consider teaching English in Thailand on your summer break. Many schools in the country offer short-term teaching jobs. If you get accepted, you will be offered a contract for only a few months of work. Some language schools also require short-term teaching jobs for Native English Speakers, ideal for those who want to make a little extra money while on a short holiday in the country. Sure, you may not earn that much, but the best thing you can get out of this experience is the opportunity to learn about new cultures and teach students from different backgrounds.

Wildlife Conservation

Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? If so, consider signing up for volunteering on some wildlife conservation projects during your summer break. These programs are an incredible way to help preserve our most amazing animals, which are currently under massive threat. You can sign up for elephant sanctuary volunteer programs, turtle conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, and more. The more work you do as an animal conservation volunteer, the bigger your contribution is to preserving the wildlife we have before they disappear..


If you are into sports, consider volunteering as a sports coach. For instance, if you’re into football, you can become a football coach in Africa and other developing countries. You do not necessarily need to be a professional or exceptionally talented in the sport to get involved. However, it does help if you are fond of the sport and have practical knowledge of the game. As a sports coach volunteer, you can make a huge difference in the lives of these children by keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

Medical Volunteering 

If you are a student in the medical field, there are various medical volunteer opportunities abroad to consider for your summer break. This is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience while helping to improve the healthcare outcomes in some vulnerable communities around the world. Participants joining these volunteer programs will have to go on a medical mission trip to some faraway countries and work under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses, and other medical volunteers.

Community Development 

Another productive way to spend your summer holiday is to sign up for community development programs across several countries, from South Africa to Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Participants of these programs will have the opportunity to contribute to educational programs designed for children, help in renovation and building work, work with NGOs, and organise awareness drives. The best part about becoming a volunteer for these programs is that you can take up several different tasks in a single project – teach English, help with school renovation, be part of awareness campaigns, and more.