Starting university and moving into student accommodation is an exciting yet also daunting time, especially if it is your first time away from home. Although it is exciting to move into student accommodation and live with people your own age, you will find that halls of residence can be bland and this can make it easy to feel homesick. With this in mind, here are a few ways to make your accommodation more homely without spending a fortune.

Improve the Lighting

In most halls of residence or student houses, the lighting is often nothing more than overhead lighting with a cheap light shade. Lighting plays a huge role in how an interior space looks and feels, so you will want to improve the lighting by adding a bedside lamp and using plug-in fairy lights as a way to create a cosier space.

Scatter Cushions & Throws

Student accommodation tends to be practical at best, so you can make your space more comfortable and relaxing with scatter cushions and throws. This will make it a nicer place to spend time whether studying or hanging out with friends in your room.

Display Pictures

Pictures of family, friends and pets can help you to feel less homesick while adding personality to your room. You should also find that it is helpful as a conversation starter when first getting to know the people that you are living with!


Plants are an easy and affordable way to add some colour, life and interest to your room whether this is flowers, a cactus (watch out for spikes!) or a spider plant. Plants are also known to have mental health benefits and will make a big difference to the space. Homescapes offer a beautiful┬árange of artificial plants and trees for those that don’t want any upkeep at all (probably the best student option, honestly!)

Improve the Smell

How the room smells will be another important factor and there are many ways that you can make the room smell more inviting. Diffusers are a great way of emitting purifying smells without worrying about setting anything on fire and will keep your room smelling fresh.


A rug is a great way to add some colour and texture to the space, which can work well if it is dull. You should also find that this will help to keep the room warmer during the colder months.


It is worth investing in high-quality bedding both so that your bed is as comfortable as possible and so that the room looks more inviting. Student accommodation can all look the same, but with stylish and comfortable bedding you can make your space feel more homely and comfortable.

This post should help you to transform a dull student room into a comfortable and homely space. Hopefully, this will help you to settle at university much faster and help to prevent any feelings of homesickness.