A BSc Computer Science course is available at the University of Leicester. This post will provide a brief overview of all you need to know about studying Computer Science at the University of Leicester and deciding whether or not being a Leicester student is appropriate for you.

University Of Leicester Ranking

The University of Leicester is ranked among the top 40 institutions in the United Kingdom, and it is ranked among the top 100 for BSc Computer Science.

BSc Computer Science Course 

Are you interested in all things technical? If you are then the Science programme at Leicester University is for you! The course covers software development methodologies. Your degree will be divided into 3 to 4 years depending on whether you wish to spend a year in industry or study abroad. You will be involved in project work, which is highly valued by employers. ABB at A-Level is the typical entry requirement.

Why not study abroad while doing this course?  This will help you to improve your communication skills, meet new people, explore the world, and acquire new talents. Click here to learn how to fund your study abroad programme.

Alternately, you may do a paid internship in an industrial setting for a year. It is an excellent chance to obtain practical experience in a professional atmosphere. A Leicester Student will begin their placement in year two. You will learn how to write an on how to write a CV and get tips on interview tactics. Click here for more information about what a year in the industry entails.

Pros and Cons Of Studying BSc Computer Science 

  • Your course teachers will offer you a wide range of issues, concepts, and difficulties.
  • In today’s work environment, a computer science degree is valuable.
  • You can work from home. This is not guaranteed and is dependent on the firm. Out of all the professions available, computer science graduates have one of the simplest pathways to working remotely. Because of the pandemic’s impact on work-life balance, your odds of working remotely are pretty high.
  • The field of computer science is always growing and evolving. There is always something new to learn, so you will never get bored of work if you enjoy it!
  • Regardless of your technical speciality, you will be operating under a lot of pressure.
  • Working on a computer all day may harm your eye health. It might be a good idea to invest in blue light glasses to alleviate some of the pressure on your eyes.

What Can A Leicester Student Do With Their BSc Computer Science Course?

Undergraduates of BSc Computer Science are regarded for their broad knowledge. Graduates find themselves in roles such as:


  • Application
  • Cyber Security
  • Data
  • Systems
  • Forensic Computer


  • Web
  • Games


  • Game
  • UX
  • Web


  • Consultant
  • Sales Professional
  • Trainer

Other occupations include…

  • Applications Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Software Engineer

Check out their website for additional information on what it’s like to study a BSc in Computer Science at the University Of Leicester and to register today.