The library is the beating heart of a student city or campus. From University College Birmingham to Oxford University, the United Kingdom has some stunning libraries that surely win students Instagram approval. These libraries will provide a lovely backdrop for cramming in all that material before those end-of-term examinations, with everything from eye-catching historic locations to reading rooms! This post will present a hand-picked list of our best picks for student libraries that are Instagram-worthy!

Here Are Our Top Student Libraries Choices For A Student’s Instagram!

Queen’s College Library, Oxford University, Oxford

So, let’s begin with my personal favourite, Queen’s College Library in Oxford! Of course, Oxford has other libraries, all of which are lovely, but this one takes the cake. The architect of the Queen’s College Library, Oxford University, designed this library between 1692 and 1695. The library comprises a spectacular 17th-century upper library, a 19th-century lower library, and a new modern library. Each section has been tastefully decorated, so have a look at the stunning patterns and finishes of each area.

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University College Birmingham Student At The Library Of Birmingham

Near University College Birmingham, Library Of Birmingham, Birmingham

The eye-catching outside of this Birmingham city library makes it tough to miss, but the interiors are equally enticing. Its exterior is clad in interlocking metal rings to resemble the city’s jewellery quarter. It is one of Europe’s largest public libraries, with an amazing selection of fiction and nonfiction books, and Shakespeare fans will love the dedicated memorial area. The library features an amphitheatre and rooftop gardens. Make it a point to visit this contemporary and newly remodelled library.

John Rylands Library, Manchester University, Manchester
The John Rylands Research Institute and Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building on Deansgate. The interior is popular with people on Student’s Instagram, and it is the UK’s third-largest academic library. The cathedral-like grandeur and gothic aspect have been compared to ‘Hogwarts’ in appearance. Whether you’re a visitor, a resident, or a student in the city, the library is a must-see.
Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge University, Cambridge 

In 1695, Sir Christopher Wren constructed the Wren Library at Trinity College, Cambridge University. Many mediaeval manuscripts, volumes from Sir Isaac Newton’s collection and early Shakespeare editions are housed at this library. Here, you will find an ornately plastered ceiling, black and white marble tiles, a large doorway with a staircase leading up to the library. This library is surely Instagram-worthy!

Senate House Library, University Of London, London

It is certainly one of the most Instagrammable libraries in London. Its exterior reflects its status as one of the largest academic libraries in the United Kingdom. It has white, clean walls with two separate levels of bookshelves around the perimeter of the library. The library features velvety mahogany brown and golden sofas. These book corners are ideal for your weekly read!

Make sure to visit these student libraries if you live in one of these cities and marvel at their beauty! Why not read this article if you liked this one?