The gig economy is booming, and with no end in sight, several platform-based, on-demand, and freelancer apps have popped up to cash in on this market. If you’re interested in making some money on the side, we recommend trying at least one of the following gig economy apps.

The Top 10 Best Gig Economy App Niches

The following gig economy niches are the easiest to learn and make money from. If you prefer to work in the gig economy full time, consider becoming a freelancer or part-time employee.

1. Home Sharing

For many of us, our home is our biggest asset, so why not make use of it? If you have a spare room or spend a lot of time traveling/out of the house, Airbnb, VRBO, and other gig economy apps you can use to rent out your home can give you an extra bit of spare cash.

2. Rideshare Services

On-demand services are the heart of the gig economy, and none are more famous than Uber and Lyft. If you enjoy driving and meeting new people, you can make a lot of money on holidays and weekends, ranking up late-night rates at bars and nightclubs, especially if you own a van. 

3. Delivery Services

Several delivery services act as an extra component to a rideshare gig. For example, Uber Eats combines food delivery and taxi service in one app. Grocery and general delivery are also super popular, so explore Amazon Flex and other top gig economy apps you can use if you’re handy.

4. Dog/Cat Sitting

If you love animals and see yourself as a dog walker or cat sitter, apps like Rover are perfect for you. Sites like Rover are especially beneficial for dog owners who need some extra cash while performing duties they do regularly. You already walk your dog; why not add two more?

5. Car Sharing/Car Rentals

Apps like Turo let you rent out your car to others, so if it sits unused most of the time, you can get some use out of it. Apps like HyreCar specifically cater to rideshare drivers and food delivery couriers, while RVshare and Boatsetter can connect you with RV and Boat renters.

6. Selling/Flipping Items

Anyone can start their own little retail store and sell to thousands of customers online. eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace are some of the more famous flipping sites that cater to all markets, so use them to start selling your used goods or flipping rare finds from thrift stores.

7. Selling/Flipping Clothing

The used clothing industry is massive, and several consumers are starting to make greener choices. Instead of throwing out your clothing, sell on sites like Depop and Poshmark. While you can sell your clothing anywhere, these sites cater to fashion lovers, which helps you sell faster.

8. Secret Shopping

Most businesses will pay a high premium to guarantee positive and consistent customer experiences. To do this, they’ll hire secret shoppers to act as customers who will secretly audit and assess their employees. Try out Bestmark, Marketforce, and A Closer Look to get started.

9. Survey Apps

While you won’t get rich taking surveys, several apps pay 10-25 cents per 1-5 question surveys. In the United States, Google Opinion Rewards and Surveys On the Go give you plenty of surveys per year. The more you search online, the more surveys you receive.

10. Receipt Apps

Just like survey apps, receipt apps won’t make you a large amount of money at once. Still, it lets you earn some extra cash by scanning pictures of your receipts. For example, with ReceiptPal, you gain 100 points for every four receipts. Use multiple receipt apps to make more money.