The Skinny Food Co offers an array of affordable, healthy, and delicious products perfect for a
student lifestyle. Whether you’re cooking for your housemates, prepping your lunch for the next
day or in need of some comfort food to help with that hangover – they’ve got you covered.

Providing healthy alternative treats that are sugar free, low calorie and allergen friendly. Ranging
from Syrups, Sauces, Coffee Syrups, Cocktail Mixes, Healthy Snacks and Spreads – you name
it, they’ve got it.

James Whiting and Wayne Starkey launched Nottingham based healthy food and drink brand in
2018 using an investment of £3,000. Nearly 4 years later, the business has reported a £17.2
million turnover for its 2020/21 financial year.

Starting small with only Ketchup, Barbeque and Chip Shop Curry sauce – all gluten, fat and
dairy free with no added sugar – The Skinny Food Co range grew, and grew, then grew a little
bit more – to where it now boats upwards of 500 products.

Skinny Food Co

“We just want you to be healthy, happy and eating the delicious foods you love.” – Wayne and
James, Founders of The Skinny Food Co.

The Skinny Food Co prides themselves on encouraging healthier lifestyles and delivering great
tasting foods that cater to everyone whilst being mindful of their environmental impact – which is
why over 80% of their products are Vegan and 100% of their products are Palm Oil Free.
They believe that being a student is pretty difficult – but your meals don’t have to be. Browse
through their online recipe page for some breakfast, lunch and dinner inspo ideal for your
student lifestyle.

Visit their every-growing Recipe Page at

“We’re about Skinny, not skinny. Skinny because of the sugar we take away. Skinny because of
the calories we reduce down to virtually zero. That’s the only Skinny we care about”.

Browse their full range online at and stay updated by following
@skinnyfoodco on all social media platforms.