Leeds is a well-known student city with a rich history, monuments, and tourism attractions. If you join a Freshers Leeds Beckett Uni Facebook page, you will learn what you can do with your new flatmates when it comes to socialising. However, here at the Student Pocket Guide, we have our suggestions for things you can do in your spare time! A Leeds student may visit surrounding parks, bars, and even go on a Leeds United football tour. Continue reading to learn more!

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is a park in the city of Leeds is one of the largest parks in Europe, so make sure to visit. It’s a lovely open place with excellent views. The cafeteria is fairly close to surrounding bars and eateries. Park is a long way from the centre of Leeds, so be sure to drive down or take a bus to the park. This is a fantastic day trip for a Leeds student to go on with their buddies! On Guy Fawkes Night, you’ll also discover Leeds’ largest bonfire and fireworks display here. So explore the entire park and everything it has to offer.

Harewood House

If you enjoy visiting historical landmarks, Harewood House is the place to go. It is a city rich in art, culture, and history, and it is still developing and prospering today. You may tour the kitchen, the gardens, or the Terrace Gallery, which features modern art shows. Allow plenty of time to see everything this historic property has to offer.

Elland Road

If you enjoy football, be sure to visit Elland Road. Since its creation in 1919, Elland Road has served as the home of the Leeds Premier League club football team. The stadium is England’s 14th largest football stadium. Why not take a stadium tour to discover everything Leeds United has to offer? Adult matchday tours are only £15 per person. Book in advance since tours are incredibly popular.

Freshers Leeds Beckett Uni Should Visit Leeds Art Gallery

If you are an art student or one who enjoys the arts and humanities, you should pay a visit to Leeds Art Gallery. Its collection includes 20th-century British artworks and is of national significance. It contains the 1912 marble statue of Queen Anne as well as the city’s war memorial. Be sure to visit!

A Leeds Student should go to MOJO Bar

If you like the student bar that was a cross between a relaxed pub and a cocktail bar with classic music, then head on down to Mojo. It’s located in the centre of Leeds so it should be simple for you to travel to from your university!

The Arcades

If you enjoy shopping, make your way to Leeds arcades, where you will discover a variety of stores. County Arcade is located in the heart of Leeds. The arcade itself boasts amazing high ceilings and exquisite mosaic flooring, and there are plenty of stores, both high street and designer, to suit everyone’s budget.

We hope that our brief what to do guide for freshers Leeds Beckett uni provides you with suggestions for how to spend your free time as a Leeds student.