A gap year refers to a period taken off from school to go somewhere, for any length of time, and to do whatever it is that you want. But going on a gap year does not mean you should stop learning. In fact, you can acquire tons of skills while taking a gap year. It could change your life and you’ll learn things and will be gaining experiences that will change your perspective on the world. Here are some job applicable skills you could pick up whilst travelling in a gap year from food safety management to being a tour guide…

Food Safety and Management 

The restaurant industry is a fantastic place to work in your gap year, where you can work behind the bar or as a kitchen staff member. You can learn a range of skills working at a restaurant, which can benefit you for the rest of your life. 

In fact, some restaurants would pay you to take up some basic food hygiene management courses. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate to add to your resume. Bartending and working as a kitchen staff can be one of the best jobs you can take on your gap year. The hours are flexible, and the work is varied, allowing you to learn tons of skills.

Communication and People Skills – Tour Guide

If you are visiting a new place in your gap year, it’s worth looking for tour guide opportunities, especially if you have lived in the area for a while and have become familiar with the local spots and the language. 

As a tour guide, you’ll present to people what you have learned about the place while gaining experiences and honing your communication and people skills. Once you have these experiences and skills, you’ll have better chances of getting a job working as a travel agent.

Design Skills 

Whilst travelling in your gap year, it’s worth setting up a website and learning about web development, social media, and branding design. These skills have high earning potential and more opportunities for growth. In fact, there is currently a shortage of skilled web designers, especially luxury travel design jobs, at the high end of the market and there’s no sign that the demand will wane. 

So, make good use of your time in a gap year and develop your web design skills. Create a portfolio in the process and gain creative experiences along the way. When it comes to learning opportunities and training, refer to online courses that can help improve your skills.

Gaining Experiences in Leadership 

Volunteering during a gap year may not earn you some money, but it’s a truly fulfilling experience and one that will make you gain valuable skills. For instance, leading a team of volunteers will make you gain leadership skills. It’s also worth taking an online course about managing a team before going on your gap year to make you more employable. 

When volunteering for an organisation, make sure you choose a responsible and reputable organisation. Also, take note that since it’s a volunteer job, you will only receive a basic living allowance in exchange for your work. Also, you might be asked to take extra qualifications if you decide to become a staff member from being a mere volunteer.