As a student, you should take care of your mental and physical health, and being out in nature may help. Loughborough has a lot of open space. There are several outdoor activities to choose from. A student from Loughborough can go for a walk in the woods or the gardens of beautiful listed buildings. This page will offer an overview of what students at Loughborough University should see!

Loughborough University Student’s Should Visit The Historic Whatton House

Whatton House is the ideal outdoor stately retreat. In the middle of Leicestershire, lies this beautiful English rural garden and a plant nursery. Allow at least 2 to 3 hours to see the entire attraction. The house is under 10 minutes drive away. The garden’s admission fee is £5 for adults; make sure to reserve ahead of time so you may bring your friends and enjoy the 15-acre area.

Beacon Hill Country Park

Beacon Hill Country Park is ideal for a stroll. Colliery Cafe, Beacon Hill Café, and 1485 Tithe Barn are perfect places to get a quick bite to eat. There is also an ice cream van for those hot summer days! The country park is within a 10-minute drive from campus, so go check it out when you have some downtime.

The Outwoods

Old woodland covering 110 acres at The Outwoods is worth exploring. It is one of Charnwood’s oldest remaining forests. An ancient forest like the Outwoods is home to a variety of plants, insects, and birds. The woodlands are merely a 5-minute drive away, so don’t pass it up. Carpool with your pals to get there and enjoy your day.

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Weeping Willow | Queens Park Loughborough

A Loughborough Student Should Visit Queens Park

If you want to get away from the stresses of academia, head to Queens Park! The park is located in the centre of Loughborough and is a 12-minute walk away. You could even have a picnic in the summer here! Allow around 2 hours to explore the entire park and everything it has to offer.

Swithland Reservoir

If you like hiking, Swithland Reservoir is the place to go. The reservoir is roughly a 14-minute drive from the university campus. The reservoir is a 6-mile loop located approximately south of Loughborough. Waterworks, a Grade II listed structure and water garden between the reservoir and Swithland quarry, is located within the reservoir.  Finish your journey by admiring the stunning views and the brickwork of the grade listed Victorian structure.

Cloud Trail

If you like outdoor cycling, the Cloud Trail is an excellent choice. Through canal walkways and a former railway, this charming, level, mostly traffic-free route connects Derby city centre with Worthington. Follow the path and you’ll enjoy the tranquillity of the riverfront and the views of the surrounding area. Drive down to the trail with your bikes strapped to the top of your car. This is an excellent day activity to partake in with your university friends.

We hope our quick ‘How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors Guide’ is fit for a Loughborough University student!