Top people you should follow for staying inspired and motivated while studying abroad

The process of moving abroad can be stressful for students, especially in this global pandemic. With so much news, restrictions and regulations to be followed, students can get overwhelmed while making their transition abroad. These young minds also need to focus on their studies and excel in academics. But with the new surroundings, new environment, new people it is possible to lose track of our aim and concentration. This is why to remain focused, motivated and inspired; here is a list of people you can follow (from Richard Branson to Gary Vaynerchuk), who will help give you strength and power to achieve your goals and instil a sense of entrepreneurship in you!

Gary Vaynerchuk

This 46-year-old man will surely warm up the business side of you. He is worth 160 million approx. He is the chairman of the Media Company VaynerX. You must be wondering why you should know about him? Well, because he is fun and explains concepts of money, business, trading, investment, etc., shortly and straightforwardly. Most of his interviews always have a lesson you can take away and apply in your life about finances and life in general. So go check his profile out!

Tony Robbins

Mr Tony is a life guru and wealth coach. If you need a boost of energy and high spirited enthusiasm in your life and cannot find yourself to bring it out from within you, then he is the man you should go to. Imagine yourself in the best student accommodation in London. Still, you feel low and unmotivated, then just put on Tony Robbins’ video on high volume and listen to what he says. You feel energised in no time, trust me!

Richard Branson

When studying abroad as a student, especially in the US or even the UK, you should know specific names of personalities, and Sir Richard Branson is one of them. A business Magnate who controls more than 400 companies in various fields is an entrepreneur in the truest sense. As students aspiring to make it big in this big world, it becomes important to understand the journey of people who have already made it big. This helps in becoming more knowledgeable and enables you to think about what paths you want to take in life. Richard Branson will help you do just that. He has even authored some inspiring books that you keep in the bookshelves of your cosy student accommodation in Edinburgh.

Jay Shetty

Full of positivity, life lessons and thoughts for the brain, this man’s Instagram is something you should check out. He will give you life lessons through short stories and quotes. If you need a soothing voice to tell you positive things, he is the man to listen to. This can help you gather your thoughts when distracted and help you relax and calm down when stressed.

Mark Cuban

We have the one and only Mark Cuban to end this list with a bang! This American billionaire is the most refreshing personality to know. Go to him for advice on finance, life, sports, friends, relationships; you will find him talking about life in such an exciting manner; you may have never seen before. His books are a must-read to gain critical insights into life and get your ball rolling for becoming successful. He is the majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, so if you get your student accommodation in Dallas, then you may even get a chance to spot him at the games!

This brings us to the end of the list of top people who can prove to be influential to your life in terms of inspiring you and building your independent spirit. The more you look out for these people, the more you will grow and learn about the world.

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Author: Riya Rohatgi is a graduate of Media and Communication studies. She has worked in fields like filmmaking, designing and marketing. She is a motorcycle racer and an adventurous person who loves exploring new things in life.