Instagram is a popular social media site that has become important for businesses. It has so many incredible benefits, including the ability to have followers who are interested in your company’s product lineup and may be more inclined to buy from you. With Instagram, it also becomes easier to connect with people on an emotional level because of the photos involved. Instagram can help create a sense of community among potential customers and current clients, which increases their loyalty and trust in your brand. However, growing on Instagram can be very difficult. You can start by using any of the Instagram growth services listed on Earthweb, but there is much more you can do to boost your Instagram profile. Here are a few ways to do that…

Engage Consistently

There are many metrics that Instagram uses to decide which accounts posts should be shown to a wider audience, and which accounts deserve more discoverability than others. One of those metrics, and arguably the most important, is engagement. Engagement is basically when a user interacts with your post, whether it be by commenting on it, liking it, sharing it with friends, or even saving it.

When people engage with your content it tells Instagram that your content is entertaining, and Instagram loves accounts with entertaining content since it keeps people on the platform. To receive engagement, other than by having great content, is by engaging with other accounts. You can do this by commenting on others’ posts, following new users and sending a direct message to ask them to follow you back, and more.

Hashtags Are Valuable

One of the most important features that Instagram uses is hashtags, and not only do they serve the purpose of categorising content, they also make targeting audiences much easier. If you are posting within a niche, which you should be, you would use a specific hashtag or hashtags that relate to the niche you are in and the content you posted. When a user searches for that hashtag, your content might show in the results. This is the perfect way to target an audience.

As mentioned above, engagement is incredibly important, and using the right hashtags is just as important to receiving engagement. If you don’t use relevant hashtags, as explained, your content will be shown to people who don’t care, and as a result, you won’t receive engagement, and you won’t gain more followers.

Take Advantage of Features

There are many ways to post on Instagram, which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. What many people don’t know is that each method of posting, or feature, has a specific purpose, and when used correctly can help you to gain more followers. For example, posting in the normal feed will have your content be shown to followers, and if you use hashtags, it will show up in the search results, maybe.

If you were to use Reels, for example, your content would then be shown to random people who don’t follow you, making this method great for reaching new audiences. If you were to use Stories, your Story would be shown to followers, but if it is good enough then you might receive engagement which as we said, will lead to followers since Instagram will give your account more exposure.

Post Videos

Instagram has been around for a very long time, since 2010 in fact, making it 11 years old, which is old by the standards of technology. In the beginning, users were basically only able to post images, but so much has changed since then, and as mentioned above, there are many different ways to post now, including videos.

Videos are a very popular form of entertainment, in America, 19% of adults watch a movie every day whilst 26% watch at least once a week. YouTube, one of the most successful video-hosting platforms, has over 2 billion users. These statistics also correlate to social media platforms, where videos and video content not only receive more engagement but also help generate more real followers. This is because the majority of people who use social media are looking to be entertained and videos help to do just that. You should make sure to incorporate video content into your posting schedule if you want to grow.