How often does something that helps the planet save you money too? Sure, bringing your own bags to the shops saves you a few pennies while fighting plastic pollution. But what about tackling climate change while cutting your bills? Saving water does both. Here’s how you can get started today with some everyday tips and the GetWaterFit app.

Take the power back

If you’re in a shared house and you pay your own bills, you’re probably on a water meter. That means you pay for what you use. Keeping an eye on how much water you’re using could help to bring down you and your housemates’ costs, which is great news if you’re on a budget.

But how does that cut carbon? Well, the water you use each day to cook, clean and stay cosy takes energy to treat, transport and heat. Before a drop comes out of your tap, it has to be treated and pumped to your home, which uses energy. Once it gets there, your heating, kettle and washing machine need power to run too. This means the less water you use, the lower your carbon footprint will be.

Get cosy without the cost

During the colder months, we all love our home comforts – the kettle goes on, the heating goes up and the kitchen comes to the life. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your self-care to save water:

  • Making a cuppa? Only boiling the amount you need could cut the energy cost of heating your kettle by a third. If everyone did it, the UK could save over £1 million a week.
  • Scrubbing up? A short shower uses half as much water as a bath, so save your soak for when you want to treat yourself. Why not choose a four-minute shower ballad to time your showers?
  • Doing laundry? Wait for a full load before you run the washing machine. Need to speed things along? Team up with a housemate for a joint-load – just remember to separate your darks and lights first!

There are loads more simple, everyday changes you can make to save water. It all makes a difference.

Do good from your device

If you’ve always got a device handy and love doing your bit for charity, GetWaterFit was made for you. This free water-saving app gives you suggestions to help you save – and a personal dashboard to track your progress as you go.

For every water-saving challenge you complete, you’ll earn rewards for WaterAid or local schools. Plus, you can order free water-saving products to your home. What’s not to love? Try GetWaterFit today.

Doing our bit

At Southern Water, we know asking customers to save water would be unfair unless we’re doing all we can too.

To stop water going to waste, we work all year round to find and fix leaks on our 8,640 miles of water mains – that’s almost the same as the distance from England to Australia. Our leak-fighting technology, like our leak alarms, is already helping us save millions of litres a day.

We’re cutting carbon too. Alongside other water companies, we’ve committed to become carbon neutral by 2030. Our Net Zero Plan sets out how we’ll get there – and our emissions are already falling each year as more of our energy comes from renewables, like solar.

Every drop we save will help to slow down climate change, so why shouldn’t you enjoy some savings along the way?