The smart mobile device or laptop can now access all of the entertainment that a student will need. Gone are the days when students would need to congregate in the shared spaces and audio-visual rooms to watch television or sport. Likewise, there have been changes in the manner in which students access entertainment and socialise as a whole. The smart mobile device means that student entertainment and media are always with you. Furthermore, with the changes as noted in social interaction, a great deal of modern student life will now be lived online.

What’s trending among university and college students

The following apps, types of games, entertainment, and media are now all being accessed online and on mobile devices by students on a global basis to continue to live their lives as students in as normal a manner as possible.

Online games and casino games

These are trending in a big way, and students with time to kill between lectures and learning activities are accessing online games and apps to keep entertained. There are notable example casino sites with fun games like that you can play and will serve to entertain you for hours on end.

Subject specific learning apps

Mobile apps for learning specific university-level subjects have also come to the fore. The trend started with language learning apps such as Duolingo or Memrise and has now spread to include some of the mainstream subjects and topics. Additional and remedial learning can thus be accessed to improve grades and provide professional instruction and tutoring to enhance the student learning experiences.

Social media, chat groups, and forums

Available online, these communication and entertainment forums and platforms provide a mobile means of communicating with other students and learners in your field. Both the traditional social media as well as the new alternatives have become popular. Communication apps and platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and What’s App and even class-specific chats set up on specific platforms are among the biggest forms of downloads and classed as entertainment as it is a social means of interaction.

Free ‘what’s on’ apps that have been set up for the students’ location are becoming ever more popular. They provide information and details as to the available entertainment options, with many even allowing for bookings and ticket purchasing through the app. There are specific ones for free events, sporting events, and a wide range of entertainment and socialising options. It’s a fantastic way to stay informed and keeps you knowledgeable about what you and your friends can do.

Student life as we know it may have changed forever, but there are still innovative ways that this group of society are able to grow and interact socially. The electronic trends for entertainment, as mentioned and discussed in this article, are those that students now use to fill the gaps that these changes have left and to manage to continue in a manner that is as normal as possible, even if their education hasn’t been over the last few years.