Top 8 applications for effective studying in 2022

How to study effectively? When you decide to work on your academic performance, skills and knowledge are essential. But to make it a fruitful and rewarding routine, you should use extra helpful tools. These are the best apps for students. They are available for everyone who has a mobile device. Let’s check what are the best apps for study and why you need them.


We will move on to the essential apps for students in the following points. Now let’s turn your attention to the important aspect of the life of every student. How to manage your budget? Not all students have enough money to live their college life. In most cases, you have to save more to pay for the education, dorm, or other activities.

How to take control of your resources? You can download the Mint app. It will help you manage your money and track the expenses. An easy interface will make everything simpler.


We all know how challenging the studying process could be during pandemic times. Distance learning makes the privacy of students more vulnerable. The best way to protect personal data is to download a mobile VPN for Android and use it. A VPN for Android works great. It will secure your data and prevent certain attacks. You can also try VPN for iPhone. Is it an effective method to use VPN apps to protect your data? VeePN is thought to be a nice way to help students protect themselves online. You can try with a free trial and then move on to the full package.


Do you get distracted often? Forest app will make you focus on your studies. You will have to grow a tree. Each time you turn on your phone when you aren’t meant to, your tree will get hurt. If you want to grow a nice green forest, you should stay focused and keep your attention on the tasks.


What are some other educational apps for students? If you want to cover more subjects and learn things better, you should open the Udemy app. This online service offers training sessions and different courses to help you get in-depth knowledge in the discipline. If you find any problems opening the website, you can choose VPN download iPhone to reach the website. The service has already helped lots of students with its easy-to-use interface, helpful pieces of advice, and interesting articles.

You don’t have to take on the full year of studying to cover the subject as a beginner. Udemy will give you an easy start in your future career with its perfect e-learning platform. You should try it to work on the tasks and see the results.

Google Docs

Writing tasks are common for students whatever discipline you deal with. Whether you study economics, literature, or biology, you will have to work with the papers. There are different online tools a student can try. However, Google Docs seems to be a handy application. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It will save all the changes and help you share the document with ease. If you want to make your writing routine less complicated, Google Docs might be a nice answer to your question.

Google Slides

There are tons of apps for visual presentations. However, most students prefer using Google Slides. Google tools are easy to work with. They have a comprehensive interface. Even a beginner will find it easy to manage the tasks with Google Slides. Do you need to frame your paper and create a visual project? You can do it online in the browser using Google Slides. It’s a helpful tool that will make your classes more productive and help share ideas with other students easily.


We’ve discussed some important tools you might need for your classes. However, there’s another aspect you may want to work on. Your mental health is a priority, too. If you feel overwhelmed with the tasks and need some calm atmosphere, you should create an account on the Headspace platform and enjoy the meditation during your stressed weekdays. It’s also a nice way to fall asleep when you feel stressed about future exams or presentations. All you need is to turn on a calming track and enjoy the sounds.

Oxford Dictionary

This is a helpful online tool for students who work with essays. Whether you learn English as your second language, or you’re a native speaker, an online dictionary is always a nice choice to try. The Oxford Dictionary is one of the most convenient online tools where you can study the definition of the word, see the examples, and check the spelling. You can open the website or download the app which makes the use of the tool even easier. Make sure you check out how it works.

Apps for Students – Final Words

Which are the best apps for students? You can find lots of mobile applications students can use daily to manage their tasks. How to choose the most helpful app for study? In this list, you can get more info about the top 8 online tools for effective studying.

Which app is free for study? All of them have free access. You can use a regular package and get access to a restricted choice of features. Or you can pay for the full package. Time and money management, communication, discipline, and hard skills practice are trained by using these apps. Do you want to perform the best results? Choose an app from the list and make it your favourite tool.