How to stand out in a crowded job market – The hidden skills employers look for…

Whether you’re happy in your job but you’re hoping for a pay rise, or you’re one of the thousand applicants applying for one position, there are some hidden skills employers are looking for that could help you stand out.

It’s no secret that it’s a crowded job market, and anything you can do to upskill will help set you apart. But you have to be smart in what areas you’re upskilling. Here are just some of the hidden skills you should consider.

A Second Language

It’s emerged that the UK is a leading global destination for multinational businesses. Learning a second language would help set you apart from many of your UK-based colleagues.

With more businesses than ever accepting international applicants who work remotely, now is the perfect time to upskill. Studies show that Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic are the top languages you should learn for business.

Data Analysis

Every business requires someone who is great at analytical thinking. Almost all industries use systems that collect and generate big data. People who know how to analyse and then use it to better the company are incredibly valuable.


As business is carried out increasingly in the digital world, companies must embrace the digital revolution. If you’re able to not only understand code but can write it too, you’ll become an invaluable asset.

If you’re new to code, you can learn programming with inexpensive and beginner-friendly open-source computers. There are a number of different boards available – some with specific focus on automation across industrial and commercial sectors.

Public Speaking

Public speaking and presentation skills are important for most jobs, however, since the pandemic, businesses are looking for public speakers who can engage with their audiences on Zoom.

If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills consider attending a workshop for public speaking. These professional workshops designed specifically for public speaking provide hands-on guidance, allowing you to learn from professionals and sharpen your own skills. You’ll also be able to hone your public speaking style, using techniques that are tailored for corporate environments.

Eric Yuan, founder of Zoom says, “The future is here with the rise of remote and work from anywhere trends”. With this comes the need for people to confidently communicate messages online.

Project Managers

Project managers are the glue that holds teams and projects together, whilst completing them on time, on budget, and delivering what’s expected. Project managers are vital for every aspect of business and if you have the experience and expertise to project manager, you can help transform a business’ prospects virtually overnight.

Digital Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, some businesses are being left behind. If you love following the latest social trends, can track keywords, optimise content, and are always looking for creative ways to help a business grow and connect with new consumers, digital marketing could be your secret skill.