Effective Tips to Make a Winning First Impression

When you study in college, education comes to the forefront. It’s important to get nice points for the tasks and take part in college life. However, the time will come, and you will have to find your first job. Your skill set and knowledge you covered in the previous years matter a lot. But what’s more important is the first impression you make on others.

Why Do You Need to Make a Good First Impression?

How to make a good first impression? You need to work on your presentation skills to be a memorable candidate. There are tons of other applicants ready to impress the HR or potential employee with their knowledge. But you should be more creative and work on your presentation skills, too. A good first impression lies in the following aspects. Let’s check them out together.

Show Initiative Approach

What does it mean to be an initiative person? You have to show your interest in the work, prove your motivation and desire to find new effective solutions. Offering new apps for better productivity is what can make others trust you and hire you. When you offer new apps for the working process, it shows you as a competent future employee.

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Choose an Appropriate Outfit

When you offer ideas, you have to look appropriately. What does it mean? Each company has its own dress code rules. And your task is to fit them during the first meeting. In most cases, there are no specifications about the way you should look during the job interview. However, it’s better to check the info on the website and research the social media accounts. It will help you to create a reserved, yet relaxed look for the first meeting.

Arrive Ahead of Time

This is a rule of a thumb. You can’t be late for the first job interview. If you plan your way to the office or set the tasks for the schedule, you should have 10-15 minutes before the meeting starts. It will give you extra time in case anything unexpected happens. You may need to find the office building, sign the appropriate papers if needed or even turn on your laptop for the online interview.

Prepare an Introductory Speech

When you apply for a job, your soft and hard skills are important. The HR specialist will pay attention to your professional expertise. However, you should also take care of the introductory speech. What would you like to tell about yourself as an individual? Be ready to answer different types of questions. It’s better that you prepare a written story with all the basic details your future employer would like to know.

Ask Relevant Questions

It’s a huge mistake when a job seeker is silent during the interview. When you head off to the job interview, you need to compile a list of questions you want to ask. Even if you don’t mind the answers too much, you still have to show your interest in the job offer. A good piece of advice is to write interesting questions that will truly help you learn more about the offer. Try not to be very obvious, but make sure you follow the politeness policies.

Make Notes

When you ask questions, you may repeat a lot, unless you make notes during the interview. If you aren’t attentive during the meeting and keep asking about the information already covered by the employer, it won’t be good for you. For this reason, try to write down every important aspect you discuss during the interview.

Keep Eye Contact and Smile

The way you behave during the meeting means a lot. You don’t have to be reserved. If you keep yourself tight and can’t relax, the interviewer will notice it. The best way is to relax, put a smile on your face and enjoy the time with a new person. The process is important, too. If you target the final goal, you may fail during the meeting. Be kind and polite to the person you speak to.

Relax and Make it a Friendly Meeting

Asking questions, making notes, and discussing the issues may be stressful for both parties. You don’t need to take everything seriously. Try to find common ground with the speaker, learn more about the company, its perspectives, and future plans. You may even try to tell some jokes to break the ice if the situation is appropriate for a joke. It will help you to make a great impression within a couple of minutes.

Final Words

Looking for the first job after college is complicated. You can get rejected multiple times. However, you can prevent it if you know how to make a good first impression. How do you make a good first impression as a student? It’s important to pay attention to your presentation, both visual and professional. To look and sound better in the eyes of the potential interviewer, you need to follow these tips described in the article.