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Students at Canterbury Christ Church University are at a fantastic location! A Canterbury student can go on a history trip or perhaps visit a museum. All set in the stunning background of an ancient city. To find out more, continue reading!

Students At Canterbury Christ Church University Should Visit The City Walls

Take a look at Canterbury’s city walls! The city walls were most likely built by the Romans between 270 and 280 AD. The Canterbury walls are a historical monument near the Abbey, Cathedral, and Westgate viewpoint. If you’re a student here, don’t miss out on this piece of history!

Canterbury Christ Church University | Canterbury Student | SightseeingSt. Augustine’s Abbey

You will find the Abbey of St. Augustine just outside the city walls. This World Heritage Site is constructed in the Romanesque style. Allow an hour to explore the peaceful remains with your university buddies. You can book your visit to St. Augustine’s Abbey here.

Canterbury Cathedral
One of the most well-known and ancient structures in England is Canterbury Cathedral. See the beautiful architecture at this location. You can even graduate from Canterbury Christ Church University at the end of your course!
Westgate Towers Museum And Viewpoint

Visit Westgate Towers Museum And Viewpoint for a taste of history. One of the country’s largest and, in some ways, best-preserved medieval doorways, the Westgate is the largest of its kind in the country. See panoramic views of Canterbury here! In The Hundred Years’ War, this doorway protected Canterbury from foreign attack.

Westgate Parks

The Westgate Parks are located northwest of Canterbury. The park’s primary entrance is the Westgate Towers. Westgate Gardens, Tannery Field, Toddler’s Cove are some of the regions. The River Great Stour passes through the heart of the park. Hiking along the riverbanks is a must-do activity in this area. There is also a picnic spot nearby! Bring some snacks to enjoy with your friends.

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Franciscan Gardens

Since 1224, the Franciscan Gardens have been the site of the earliest colony in England. The landscape is complemented by a lovely 13th-century church with breathtaking views of the Stour River. At this peaceful location, you can explore nature and wildlife while learning about the city’s 800-year history.

St. Thomas of Canterbury Church

A Canterbury Student will love to view the stunning architecture at Saint Thomas Canterbury’s Church. This church was built in the Gothic Revival style between 1874 and 1875. It is located in the heart of the city, directly across from Canterbury Cathedral. Interesting fact! This church houses Thomas Becket’s relics!

Canterbury Student’s Should Take A Trip To Godmersham House

A trip to Godmersham House is a must-see if you are a Jane Austen enthusiast. Jane Austen’s brother owned the house. Fun fact! The two-story Palladian-style house inspired her novel ‘Mansfield Park’. Take some amazing shots while strolling around the grounds of the Georgian home.

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As a student at Canterbury Christ Church University make sure to take advantage of all that Canterbury has to offer!