Reading has something for everyone, whether you go to Reading University or Reading College. A Reading student can tour the university’s lovely grounds, visit a popular student cafe, enjoy some enjoyable cocktails at a local bar, or go shopping. Continue reading to learn more about my favourite things to do in this town!

Reading University | Reading Student | Reading College | What To Do In Reading

A Reading University Student Should Take A Walk In The Harris Gardens

You may study, relax, or simply go for a nature walk at this botanical garden. The peaceful setting a nice escape into nature after a long day of lectures. The picturesque surroundings are cared for by volunteers from the university or Reading residents, which adds to its charm.

Go To Cafe Yolk

This is the most popular coffeehouse among Reading students! Since 2013, the award-winning brunch restaurant has been delivering delicious dishes. They have it all! From a full-English to scrumptious American style pancakes with a variety of toppings, the choice is yours. They have plenty of vegan and veggie-friendly options too!  Come here after a night out or to catch up with your university friends. Their menu will have you crawling back for more!

Whitenights Lake

Whitenights Lake is located in the heart of Reading University’s campus. The lake is situated in a lovely wooded environment. The trail is mostly utilised to get to and from lectures. It’s beautiful to watch the wildlife, such as swans and geese, waddle around the lake here.

Reading College Students Should Go To The Oracle And Riverside Restaurants

The Oracle and the riverside are home to a variety of restaurants, shops, and coffee shops, as well as a cinema. There’s something for everyone here! Pop-up restaurants come here, so keep an eye out!

A Reading Student Check Out These Bars

There are several bars in Reading, but these are my favourites…

Reading University | Reading Student | Reading College | What To Do In ReadingMilk Bar

This eccentric pub is hidden away on Merchants Place. Reading’s largest rum and cocktail selection plus funky DJs can be found here. It is a delight to be served complimentary popcorn here! Make a point of visiting this bar!

The Botanist

This busy bar and restaurant serve delectable roasts, as well as live music and an extensive drink menu. Their cocktails are unquestionably Instagram-worthy. So, if you have the chance, stop by here.

The Market House

If you are a Reading student, you must visit Market House. This venue has been completely redesigned into an industrial-chic bar. There is also a lovely rooftop terrace upstairs. This is the ideal spot for cocktail and beer lovers. They also offer a large bar food menu that will satisfy everyone’s food cravings. There’s even a hotel here, so it’s ideal for visitors to stay.

Go To Sonning

Looking for a summer getaway by the water? Visit Sonning. You will find this village on the banks of the Thames; a 10-minute drive from campus. Make a point of walking around the gorgeous scenery of the Sonning to Shiplake Thames Path Walk or visiting the Coppa Club, a popular restaurant. In the summer, you may cool yourself in the water with your pals.  There are endless summer activities here!

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So, while you’re a student at Reading University or Reading College, make the most of everything the town has to offer!