Are you a college student sick of staying in your college town all year? Consider a few ways to travel on a tight budget.

Stay in the Region

One of the easiest, yet most boring ways to travel on a student’s budget is to stay in your region. If you live in the Midwest, for example, start your travels in other Midwestern cities. The farther you travel, the more you can expect to pay for travel and accommodations.

You can explore different cities and states near you without breaking the bank. It may not seem like a super glamorous trip, but it’s something. You’ll be able to make memories, and you won’t have to put everything on a credit card and go into debt just to get out of town.

Consider Where You Have Family

If you want to get out of the region, think about where your family and friends live. Maybe your friend from high school went to college in another area. Or perhaps you have family who live on the opposite coast from you.

Ask the people you know if they have space where you can stay with them. Then, you’ll be able to visit people you love and travel. You won’t have to spend money on a hotel, and you may be able to save on food costs by splitting meals with your friends or family.

Travel With Friends

Maybe all of your friends go to the same college, but you all want to travel. Coordinate your travel plans with those of your friends. Then, you can share a hotel room, and you can split the cost of a taxi or meals when you get to your destination.

If you can drive somewhere, you can also split the cost of gas and car maintenance. You can also have a lot of fun going on a trip with your friends. Everyone can get to make memories, and you can find a destination and time that works for everyone who wants to go.

Go on a Road Trip

Whether you travel with others or not, consider a road trip. You will need to pay for petrol and maintenance, but that can be a lot less expensive than a plane ticket. If your destination isn’t too far away, you can get there within a day or two.

Driving is good for your entire trip. But if you don’t live near the coast, you can drive to the coast to get to the port for your Eastern Caribbean cruise. That way, you can splurge a bit more on your cruise without having to borrow a ton of money.

Bring Your Student ID

Being a student may mean you have a small budget, but it also comes with access to plenty of discounts. Some discounts may only apply in your college town. However, you may be able to get discounts from bigger companies all over the country.

If you bring your student ID, you’ll be able to show it to prove you’re in college. Then, you may be able to save a lot of money over the course of your trip. Discounts may not always be available, but it never hurts to ask at a restaurant or when booking excursions on your travels.

Avoid Popular Travel Days

If possible, book your travel plans on days that aren’t popular travel days. This can be hard because the times when you’re out of school, like summer and the holidays, are when a lot of people travel. But if you can travel early in the summer or take a weekend trip, do it.

You may be able to save money on your hotel or flight by traveling during the off-season. Then, you will have more money to spend on meals or souvenirs. You won’t have to make as many sacrifices to travel where you want and do fun activities.

Traveling can be a great way to explore when you’re in college. Keep these tips in mind to travel in school without breaking the bank.