Going to Uni

Going to university is a major step in your life. Many people will meet life-long friends whilst also gaining invaluable skills to set you on the right steps for your future. Going to uni usually means moving to a new town or city, meeting lots of interesting people, learning new responsibilities and will be filled with mixed emotions. You will likely have the best time of your life, but it can also be tough and many young people will feel anxious about the move – but don’t worry, it’s totally natural! So here we have prepared a list of things to think about before starting your exciting adventure of leaving home and going to university…


Before you set off, be sure to pick your student accommodation wisely. You might be living on campus or renting a room in a student house. Either way, be happy with the location and check if the room is furnished or not. If not, make sure you have all the essentials arranged to avoid any unnecessary stress when you first move! I remember when I went to uni, I didn’t take a fridge and assumed the room had one – fail. When I went into the city to buy one, they were all out of stock as I wasn’t the only one to make this rookie mistake.


Before going to university create a simple spreadsheet and calculate your monthly outgoings. There might be extra services you wish to pay for that you might not yet know the price of such as internet, Netflix, travel and socialising! Be sure to cover all the essential and non-essential costs so you know where you stand financially. There’s lots of things you can consider when trying to save money, from sharing a Netflix subscription, to shopping savvy.


Going to uni is fun and very exciting. But think logically and remain organised when deciding what to take. How big is your accommodation and what do you REALLY need? Obvious things you will need include bedding, cutlery and dishes, food, an extension cable, clothes for all weather, as well as any gadgets you might enjoy using. If you play guitar that is always a nice ice-breaker! Just remember to avoid annoying your housemates!


How far away from your university will you be living? If it’s not walkable distance, how will you get there on a daily basis? How far away are you from the centre of town? Consider your travel options and the associated costs and remember to include them in your budget spreadsheet.

Learn About Your New Area

Before going to uni, check out the location on Google Maps. Navigate around the streets to familiarise yourself with the location and local amenities. Where is the SU bar? Where’s the nearest clubs? If you haven’t got access to a washing machine, where is the nearest launderette?

Meet Your Future Housemates

Try to reach out to your future housemates before you arrive, if possible. Send a polite introductory message – this will help calm the nerves when you first meet and you might already have found something in common. Be approachable but equally respect people’s privacy. Everyone is different so some will be more outgoing and others will be shyer. Respect people for who they are.


Going to university is full of excitement and with that, comes Fresher’s! Usually around 1-2 weeks this period is full if events and party’s offering up discounted prices and often free stuff, especially at Fresher fairs. Get involved, join societies, break the ice, and most importantly of all have fun when going to university!

Going to University Summary

We hope you find this list of things to consider when going to uni helpful. Be open minded, explore your options, enjoy finding out more about yourself, learn new skills, and don’t worry! If for any reason you are struggling to adapt, there is help available. Your university should have a student welfare person or team. There will be people to speak to at the SU (student union), and if at first you are anxious, remember things might take time. Stay in contact with friends and family back home and take full advantage of the freebies available at Freshers! Good luck on your exciting steps of going to uni…