The Best 8 Online Tools for Your Phone to Study Effectively

When you study in a college or university, working with online tools is a must. You can’t live your college life without helpful online college apps. These are handy mobile tools that make the whole studying routine easier.

Don’t know where to start and what tools to download? We suggest you try some of the useful college apps from the list. Here you will find online tools for your writing tasks, team projects, and other activities in college. Let’s find out what apps are the best for a student in 2022.


Being a student, you must write a lot. Writing isn’t easy even for students who are good at sharing their ideas on paper. When you work on the writing task, there are a couple of processes to beware of. Writing is one of them. However, you will also need to check and proofread the final result. Grammarly is a perfect online tool that will help you submit immaculate work.

You can download it on your phone, tablet, or even a laptop. There’s a free trial period. You can use it with a limited choice of tools. However, when you upgrade the application, you will get access to the whole toolset and benefit from the professional Artificial Intelligence it uses to check the papers.

Scanner App

What are some other online college apps? A scanner app is on top of the list. When you work with the papers, you might need to share them with others. An online scanner for iPhone will make it easier for you. The tool will deal with any file format. It’s a good idea to find a document scanning app for iPhone and use it on a daily basis. How do you scan from iPhone with ease?

An online scanner app will be the best substitution for a regular scanner. It can decipher a picture and read the text from it which is quite a helpful feature for students. The tool will also process the pictures with colour and scan multiple pages. Object counter, ruler, text recognition, and many other features are available for the users.


There are other helpful apps for college students we can talk about. What’s a Coogle? If vision-centred learning is best for you. Coogle will help you benefit from studying even more. You can discuss a sophisticated issue in detail and see its minor aspects with the help of the Coogle app. In other words, Coogle is a digital mind map with an interactive interface. Bright colours, a convenient toolset, and a simplicity of use will make your user experience the most fruitful.

Google Docs

What app do you use to write the tasks, work with the documents and manage other writing activities? Google Docs is a helpful online tool. It offers everything you need for your writing assignments. It has a well-developed toolset which makes the app a versatile program for college tasks. Furthermore, you can manage the work on the papers using any device you have. By creating a personal Google account, you get free access to all the tools offered by the system.

Google Slides

Let’s talk about another Google feature that makes it easy to work on visual presentations. If you need to present a project or show your ideas to others, it’s easier with Google Slides. First of all, the accessibility of the online tool makes it an indispensable app for students. You can work with the docs using any device you logged in to previously. Second of all, the interface makes the use of the app truly enjoyable.


Studying is about communication. You can deal with personal tasks, or you might be asked to work on team projects. What’s complicated about the team assignments? At times, it could be a real challenge to group everyone and make others follow the strategy. In this case, it’s better to find an easy app that will help with the management tasks. Trello is one of the most popular tools for task management. You can create boards, drag the tasks and set the deadlines.


There’s another helpful application for students that makes communication easier. Chattin is also necessary when you discuss the ideas, offer different solutions, or try to conclude. If you look for a comprehensive chat app, slack will help you a lot. It’s used by huge companies with tons of employees. And it might help your team project, too.


When studying in college or university, you will most likely learn a second language. Studying a foreign language might cause different issues. You can train your writing skills, read a lot or check grammar. However, you can’t practice speaking without a partner. For this reason, it’s better to look for a nice and easy-to-use application. You can try iTalki to practice your speaking skills, find people from other countries and work on your pronunciation. This is what might help you improve the level of the language you are trying to master.

Online College Apps | Final Words

How can I make my college life better? Studying could be hard. The most proven way to improve your life is to find handy tools online. These are specific apps that can help you track your time, follow the progress and keep in touch with other students. The more suitable apps you implement in your studying routine, the more effective your studying would be. Make sure you check what the list of apps offers to you.