Life of a student isn’t easy, and having distractions all around us, an app that will help to concentrate more on school and projects doesn’t sound so bad. Many of the students find it hard to organise time and materials for projects. That’s why an app that helps students to put more focus on their studies is the best choice. Being a university student, the time management skill is something that’s essential for uni, but not everyone has that. To help you find academic success and also let you have a great time on campus, your mental health must be prioritised.

For that to happen, the apps for organising and synthesising information will save you lots of work and time. In the list below, you’ll find the best apps for iOS that every student should use. Also, in this list you will also find productivity apps that help you maximise the work you’ve done. The most important categories that you have to keep in mind are the focus, time management, and note-taking. These three assets will help you make the right decision when it comes to apps for students.

Notes Plus

If you have played a lot of games in leo vegas casino and didn’t memorise all of their names, this app will help you write down and note everything you need to know. Notes Plus is an exclusive app for iOS and is the most popular and powerful note-taking app that you will find on the market. This app made so many people go paperless, this being its biggest plus.

Standing apart from the other apps, Notes Plus has amazing features. The first one would be the outstanding handwriting experience. Also, it covers converting handwriting to text, supporting 52 languages, and expanding on many more. If you think that’s already enough and perfect, there is always more with this app.

The background audio recording and automatic shape detection will help you understand your notes. Other important features are inserting images or importing PDFs or DOCs to your notes, to make better links and annotations.

Notes Plus is the best app when it comes to taking notes and purchasing this app will not be a mistake.


If you are not accustomed to taking notes on your Apple device and writing is a more suitable thing for you, Ulysses is the best app for this kind of thing.

A one-stop writing environment for Apple products, its pleasant and focused writing experience, and seamless sync will give you the best features. Ulysses is an awarded app for its design and interface, making it the ultimate writing tool.

Everything you write will be saved and stored in this library, so you won’t have to worry about that. This app is markup-based and distraction-free, letting you focus on your important tasks. The main focuses are writing and editing, formatting the text coming later to use. With a unique streamlined toolset covering the writing process, this app will for sure boost your productivity.

Microsoft Apps

The Microsoft Apps, especially for students, will give you powerful tools not only for students but also for educators. If it is an app like office 365, this will give you full access from anywhere, to every project and file you have.

You can take, for example, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. If you are at a university where numeric data is required to make the tasks, Excel will come in handy. For the time when you will need a presentation to make in real-time with other students, editing PowerPoint projects it’s a must. Especially when you also use the Teams app, and do all of this in real-time with your colleagues. From writing text to complicated diagrams and pictures or videos, PowerPoint gives you full liberty.

Fantastical 2

If your weak point is organising dates, courses, meetings, or appointments, Fantastical is here for you. An award-winning app for calendar and task apps, this software has features that will save you a ton of time. A beautiful and clean interface with an easy-to-use calendar welcomes you from the start.

A big feature that will help you organise your stuff is the possibility to browse and instantly subscribe to events. Not only school related stuff, but also parties and concerts will be added to your calendar. For the calendar sets, you can quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a simple click. For every project, Fantastical will give you countless templates, so that you can see every single one of them with a different theme.


Evernote is another great note-taking app, popular for its wide array of features that will boost your learning and note-taking skills.  For the coursework, Evernote will track the tasks and deadlines that you have. Also, it can scan your handwriting and keep your materials linked to related handouts and research.

Also, Evernote tracks every tag, text, and calendar detail, so that you will not lose information on the way. Also, with the help of google drive, Evernote will keep your ideas in one single place. Being a Google product, you will also be able to sync with google calendar and set task deadlines, so that nothing is forgotten.


Forge is an app specialised in brainstorming and organising your stuff. With this, you can collect images for inspiration, create a board, sketch your own unique ideas. Creating your layers and building on them, Forge gives you a place with total freedom. From storyboards to mood boards, this app has all the templates that you need.

To keep your workflow nice and fluid, you can organise your images, notes, and concepts and put them all on a big billboard template. Forge also has partnerships with Apple products, like Apple Pencil and other Devices. Start sketching the concepts and creating the layers of ideas, because all of this is so easy with the Forge app.


This list of the app will for sure change your lifestyle in university. All of the mature life is hard and can be overwhelming sometimes, but with the right apps on your devices, everything becomes crystal clear. All these apps won’t teach you or take the exam for you. But they will for sure help you score the biggest notes, thanks to the organising and note-taking apps that you now have!