7 Tips to Throw an Excellent Party for $50 – the Winning Way

Many people enjoy parties. It is a great joy for them to have many people around to chill and socialise. Others need to throw a party on occasion – if it is your child’s birthday, you won’t avoid this. What is most essential here is that there is a need to spend a fortune to make it fun for all people.

Having a good time does not depend on silverware and exquisite food. The party success comes from inviting the right people and letting them socialise and enjoy communicating with each other. However, you still need to care about some things for a party, such as decorations, snacks, drinks, and music. With some practical tips and creativity, you can pay only $50 for it all.

How do you throw an awesome party on a budget? Like a piece of cake!

1. Consider the party purpose

Before you start planning a party, you need to clarify what that party is about. A child’s birthday party differs much from the student’s party on campus or having a barbecue with friends. It also defines what you should focus on when making preparations – what food and drinks you need, if you need to unblock music, how you should decorate the house, etc.

Tip: check what you already have at home. You may be surprised to find a lot of things matching the party’s purpose. It will save you a lot of money as well.

2. Get the necessary supplies

There are dedicated shops where you can purchase tons of different decorations for $20 or even less. You may need plastic or paperboard cups and dishes, table cloth, maybe balloons, etc. Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs are all excellent sources where you can get party decoration ideas and recommendations on colour schemes and means to use colour accents. There is no need to struggle through complicated manuals – most instructions are pretty simple, and anyone can follow them.

Tip: consider making decorations from the materials you have at home or some cheap supplies. Except for saving money, you can express your creativity by making original handmade decorations. This does not require too much time and won’t cost you much, but the overall impression will be terrific.

3. Make a music playlist

Music is essential and integral when considering things for a party. A proper soundtrack sets the right tone and atmosphere for a party. Besides, it is not expensive, there are plenty of resources with music you can use for free when party planning on a budget. You can explore your Spotify or iTunes. Most likely, you are already familiar with the music tastes of your guests to pick the right pieces.

Tip: Access rights to different pieces of music may vary. Check that beforehand. If there is a chance that some piece may be blocked, fix that by installing some reliable VeePN solution. If you prefer iPhones, there are VPN apps designed for iOS too. It will secure the playlist from producing unexpected empty sections when the song supposed to be performed is suddenly blocked.

4. Plan the lighting

Playing with the lighting levels and zones can bring exciting effects. However, it also depends on the party’s purpose. If you are planning a party with many activities and games, such as the celebration for kids, ensure a decent level of lighting, so that all your guests would see everything clearly. In case it is an evening party for friends, it may benefit more from low lighting.

Tip: use separate sources of lighting, such as candles and lamps. Check the items you have at home. Your attic may keep real treasures hidden. Turn to Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration – and again, VPN para Android will help you much in search. If some great designing resources, especially social media, are locked for your location, you will unlock them simply.

5. Think of tasty but cheaper food

If you decide to provide a treat to your guests, you can do it for approximately $20. Dedicated cooking websites, blogs, and YouTube will be your best friends with plenty of simple recipes from cheap products. You can cook decent volumes of food to please all your guests. Consider your budget and check the products you have at home too.

Tip: Homemade food is always tastier and is more appealing. Besides your trademark recipes, conduct some research on YouTube – there are countless cooking channels, from different countries of the world. For any issues with accessing the content, you may use the top VPN for Android and unblock the videos.

6. Alcohol is questionable

Alcohol consumes a significant part of your budget. Therefore, the process of party planning on a budget can’t omit this. If you are going to offer alcohol, select it wisely. Don’t save on cheap wine – it is really bad for your health. Instead, think of having one type of drink of decent quality and provide non-alcohol drinks like sparkling water, as your guests will certainly want them.

Tip: Think of cocktails. First, they are more engaging than wine or brandy only. Second, they allow you to have less alcohol, combining it with other cheaper components. Refer to the Web for the cocktail ideas – maybe you should look for some exotic recipes to impress the guests.  As well, ask your guests to take alcohol with them.

7. Let the guests bring something too

The party etiquette is perfectly fine with asking your quests to bring something too. They can bring some desserts, pizza, beverages, or a bottle of wine. It is also an excellent method of saving your budget.

Tip: inform your guests what you are going to prepare yourself, and what they could add. It is the most reasonable way to ensure that the food and drinks will suit all the guests’ expectations.

Still, the most essential component of a good party is your hospitality, and it is completely free! The entertainments you’ll plan for your guests, helping them feel comfortable and have fun – all these factors depend on your attitude. Some food, good music, and a relaxed atmosphere won’t require much money.