This literary genre came to us from the 16th century. Born under the pen of the great Michel Montaigne in his “Essays,” it hasn’t lost popularity so far.

An essay is required to be written at a school or university because it develops creative thinking and teaches you to put your thoughts on paper. Before hiring candidates for a certain position, some companies ask them to write an essay to assess the potential and ability to structure information.

Those who read the essays of real masters of the word will never confuse them with other works. The main features of the essay:

  • There is no usual plot construction and clear composition;
  • The focus is on one specific thought or problem;
  • Figurative expression of the author’s opinion, description of feelings, worldview, reflections on a particular issue;
  • Compressed size — within 4 pages of printed text;
  • The narration style is scientific, a logical justification of the conclusions is required.

The complexity of the essay is also in that this work must have 100% uniqueness, so it will not be possible to copy the text from books or an Internet resource. At first glance, it may seem that such a small work of about 3-5 pages in length is not very difficult, but writing it causes students no fewer problems than a diploma, test, or term paper. Due to the small volume of the essay, it is impossible to consider broad issues. The topic is usually specific and narrow.

Not everyone can write a fascinating text, showing the author’s individuality in it. In addition to mastering the norms of the language, you need to show the ability to do in-depth analysis in work. This type of work helps check not only the student’s familiarity with the topic of the lesson but also reveal creative abilities, such as:

  • Abstract thinking;
  • Emancipation;
  • Ability to express thoughts freely;
  • Ability to think logically;
  • Build cause-and-effect relationships and much more.

It is essential to pay attention to any little things and details, avoiding superficial judgments. Also, more and more attention has been paid to issues related to the uniqueness of the work provided in recent years. Almost every educational institution checks essays this way.

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