This post will provide an overview of all you need to know about studying a BA Art English Literature course at Reading University. It will also give a short rundown of my experience as a Reading student, including the nightlife, campus, why I chose to study in Reading, so you can determine whether it is appropriate for you.

Reading University Ranking 

Reading University is one of the top 30 universities in the United Kingdom. BA Art And English Literature Course allow you to specialise in both Art and English Literature.

Tosan Ebisan: My Experience At The University Of Reading

I chose the University of Reading to study because it allowed me to combine my interests in art and English literature. Both of these subjects were enjoyable to study at A-level, and I continued them to degree level. Reading University was only a 30-minute train trip from home, making it an excellent choice.

Art English Literature Course

I chose to study Art and English literature at the degree level. The goal of this course is to examine how creative art is mirrored in dynamic ways across the two subjects. The degree is completed over four years, with the first year serving as an Art Foundation year. Throughout my time at Reading School of Art, I worked with the tutors regularly in the studio. There were additional modules that helped me comprehend the theoretical side of art. In my first year, I took compulsory modules for Art and English. In my second and third years, my options got more diverse and specialised. Then, in my last year, I concentrated completely on my art degree exhibition and my English dissertation. BBB at A-Level is the standard admission criteria for Art and English Literature.

Key Skills

The key skills you will gain in this course is…

  • Organisation
  • Presentation
  • Research
  • Persuasion
  • Collaborate In A Creative Team
  • Observation
  • Analytical
  • Problem Solving
  • Communicate Ideas (Visually, Orally, Written)
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Planning
  • Creative Thinking

Pros and Cons Of BA Art And English Literature

  • You will obtain a broad understanding of creative studies. Both of these disciplines will broaden your understanding of culture, theory, and the creative arts.
  • When you graduate, you will have a plethora of work opportunities. The option is yours, whether it be in the arts, writing, or marketing.
  • The skills you will learn throughout the degree are transferable to other roles.
  • Analysing art and literature makes you think critically about complex topics from different perspectives.
  • An Art English Literature course joint course will be hard to manage if you don’t have excellent time management skills. You need to be organised to be able to do this degree.
  • In the first year of an Art English Literature course, you do not have the option of selecting your modules. This may not be appealing to a prospective Reading student.
A Day In The Life
Reading Student | Reading University | Art English Literature Course |

Art English Literature Course

My typical day as a Reading student would vary from year to year. During my four years at Reading, I made daily trips across Whiteknights Lake to attend lectures at Reading School of Art, then into the Edith Morley building for English Literature lectures. Being a painter, I would go to the Art Studio and work practically. My last year consisted of a lot of time spent in the Art Studio working on my degree exhibition items and the library working on my dissertation. In the evenings, I’d go to the popular Park Bar to catch up with my university friends. RUSU’s student union nights were not to be missed on a Wednesday or Saturday night. The energy was legendary. It was a great location for a Reading student since it featured a communal atmosphere, cheap drinks like the famous VK, and was conveniently located on campus.

Final Thoughts

For new and prospective students reading this, I would say research to see if studying at any university is right for you. Not every course and every university are the same. Finding the right one for you is important! This course is so diverse you can choose to express your creativity in so many different ways. Make use of the workshops in Art and the tutors in English to gain a deeper understanding alongside your modules. Email and ask for help, the tutors are always there to lend a helping hand!

What Can A Reading Student Do With Their BA Art And English Literature Course?

Undergraduates of BA Art And English Literature are regarded for their creative and writing skills. Graduates find themselves in roles like:

  • Advertising Art Director
  • Art Therapist
  • Commercial Art Gallery Manager
  • Community Arts Worker
  • Museum/Gallery Exhibitions Officer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Fine Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Editorial Assistant
  • English As A Foreign Language Teacher
  • Magazine Journalist
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Publishing Copy-Editor/Proofreader
  • Web Content Writer/Manager
  • Writer
  • Marketing Executive

Hopefully, this post has inspired potential students to pursue this degree after reading about my experience at Reading University!

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