Studying can be tricky – throughout university, menstruators are made to fit into a cookie-cutter shape of living, working and learning. But what if you could get to know your body and its natural cycles so well that you could hack the way you study and learn?

Hormones are the core factor behind our fluctuations in emotions, energy levels and productivity. More specifically, hormones called oestrogen and progesterone zip up and down throughout our menstrual cycles, leaving us to battle never-ending changes in focus, energy and mood.  Let’s dive into the four main phases of our menstrual cycles and how we can use them to boost our study habits.


Your period can be a prime time for getting your head around things, organising your study notes and getting on top of anything you’ve let fall to the wayside. While you might be struggling with cramping, nausea and a general feeling of blah because of what your body is going through, it can be an amazing time to start anew. During our periods, our bodies are cleansing in a way – so it could be time to dust off those notes, rip out those highlighters and make a more streamlined plan for the semester ahead!

Follicular stage

The follicular stage starts of the first day of your period and triggers oestrogen to rise. Oestrogen generally makes us feel happy, optimistic and inspired, so it’s the perfect time to dive head-first into assignments, topics or projects that you’ve been dreading. Your extra enthusiasm will give you the push you’ve been needing to get stuck into the books!


After the follicular phase, the ovary releases an egg around day 14 of our cycles. The unfertilised egg dissolves inside the uterus, triggering the next phase of our cycle. During this phase, studies have shown increased creativity, perfect for brainstorming new ideas, or creating your own original creative work.

Luteal phase

This is the phase where ovulation triggers the production of our pesky friend, progesterone. You might experience some of the lovely signs of PMS during this phase – you’re likely to feel introverted, self-reflective and have an unwavering need to be cosy!

This is the perfect phase for reflection in the study space – whether you’ve been putting off making a hard decision or you’re in dire need of a one-on-one date with your textbook, the luteal phase has your back here.

Organising your study schedule to reflect your menstrual cycle is empowering, logical and the future of productivity. Modibodi is proud to be sparking conversations on taboo topics like this one, so that menstruators around the world can feel fuelled to thrive in ways that work for them.