Jessika Farrell, otherwise known as Jessika the Prankster, is the YouTube sensation known for her pranks on her foster mum, ‘Momma Redd’. After fast becoming a social media influencer with over 4 million followers across her social channels, Jessika is now using her success to advocate mental wellbeing for young audiences. The influencer is the author of In My Feelings, a journal which quickly became the #1 New Release on Amazon in the Teen & Young Adult Personal Health Category. Now, Jessika continues to look to the future as an entrepreneur, aspiring TV star, and all-round ambitious individual…

Hey Jessika, how are you doing at the moment?

I’m doing great. Grateful for this moment in my life.

Let’s begin by talking a little about how your career began. Where did you get the idea to start vlogging your pranks on your mum?

I decided to prank my foster mom only a few months after living with her. I brought an incident at school to her attention, and she went off on me. She didn’t know I had a camera recording the whole time. People thought it was so funny, so I decided to keep making them after the first video. It brought us closer together and we really got to know each other.

Was it always an aim of yours (when you began creating the videos) to become a vlogger?

I realised people began to really enjoy the videos, so I wanted to make more of them. It wasn’t the aim in the beginning, but it was fun.

When did you realise that your vlogs were becoming successful and what affect did this have on yours and your family’s lives?

Well, the videos went viral immediately. I started to realise we made people feel good. Laughter is good for the soul; I enjoyed brightening someone’s day. It pretty much changed our lives. We then started to get recognized more and it added a new sense of purpose to our lives; to help people.

Did your YouTube ambitions ever cause a rift between you and your mum (what with her being the victim of your pranks)?

There have been a few pranks that made my mom really, really angry. But she’s a good sport, so she would get over it pretty quickly.

It’s clear to see your mum is a massive part of your YouTube success, and that you have a close relationship with her for you to be able to do this. Interestingly, I hear that she has always warned you to remain humble despite your growing popularity. How do you stay humble when becoming an internet sensation?

She definitely helps me stay humble; I have chores and rules to follow. There’s no ‘Jessika the Prankster’ without my mom, ‘Momma Redd’.

How did you find it when you moved home to help further your career?

Well, my mom and I moved to Atlanta, and we had a team of people that really supported us. They helped us a lot. You really cannot be successful without support.

Let’s talk about your latest venture as a writer. What made you decide to use your career as a way of helping other young people?

So many people would DM me and tell me how depressed they were and how our videos cheered them up. Even kids were depressed, so I wanted to do more to help them. That’s what birthed the idea.

How do you think your own personal experiences have helped you write this book?

I have had my share of dark days. I would always write things down, but I felt lost. I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling. So, I wanted to give people a guide, something more specific to help them express themselves, ask more questions, and make it fun. It helps to pull out your emotions.

How did you decide what you wanted to feature in the book and who did you work with to make it a success?

I have a solid support system and when I shared my idea, they loved it. I just wanted it to be more helpful than what was already on the market. My team helped my ideas come to life.

Is this something you would like to continue doing in the future and can we expect to see more youth wellness book releases soon?

I feel like my purpose is to help my generation as much as possible. I want to bring a smile and healing to people. Of course, I have other things I want to do, but it will always be to inspire the next person.

Where else can you see your career heading – are there any other paths that you’re eager to experiment with?

Acting for sure. I have been auditioning and working on some indie projects. I love that right now, but I want to continue to be an entrepreneur as well; I have so many business ideas.

What has been the most insane moment of your career as an influencer and vlogger so far? (a pinch me moment perhaps)

Becoming an author. In My Feelings is a dream come true. I’m so happy people are using my journal as an outlet to express their true feelings, so they don’t keep them bottled in anymore.

Finally, what is your dream goal in life and what should we expect from Jessika Farrell in the future?

To be on the big screen or a TV show, that’s what I’m working towards now…

You can purchase In My Feelings by Jessika The Prankster on Amazon now!

Jessika the Prankster Interview by Jessica Doran