We all have a favourite colour, but not all colours blend nicely. Grey is my favourite colour, and I have some solid justifications for this…


Grey makes me calm. And I like calm. Chilled, relaxed, subtle, peaceful and relaxed are all feelings I admire and are words I associate with the colour grey, especially lighter shades.

Grey promotes space and openness. I like bright rooms, but sometimes too much white is not right. Grey allows you to mix things up, keeping the airiness of the room whilst not complicating matters. Grey is airy and makes the space feel positive, upbeat, large and homely.

Grey is grey. Obvious right? Well not really, because blue isn’t blue, and red isn’t red. Royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, aqua blue. Scarlet red, ruby red, tart red, burgundy. It’s too complicated for my grey mind. Grey, whilst coming in different shades, pulls together well. It just looks good.

Grey goes with any colour, should you feel the need to add another. Keeping intact with my natural soft colour preference, I personally avoid bold statement colours. I like a combination of white, grey, stone and wood – it feels modern, stylish, and earthy, complimenting house plants perfectly, which not only adds a more natural dominant colour to a room, but adds life to it too!

Grey seems a popular colour these days, maybe for some of the reasons I mention above. And for this reason, it means when choosing furniture and items you have plenty of choice!

Grey being a popular colour of choice, means it’s typically easy to resell items that are grey. It appeals to men and women and therefore, should you ever part with the item, you’ll likely find a buyer.

And there you go, my top 6 reasons why grey is my favourite colour – what’s yours, and why?